The Best Chance to Heal Yourself – Owning It

by | Sep 23, 2021 | About Cancer and Emotions, Body-Mind Medicine, Stress | 0 comments


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The Best Chance to Heal Yourself – Owning It

by | Sep 23, 2021 | About Cancer and Emotions, Body-Mind Medicine, Stress | 0 comments

I’m seeing a trend with some of my clients with breast cancer that worries me a bit. To put it bluntly, I believe it’s unwise to put your entire healing process totally in the hands of your medical team. Here’s why:

You are giving all of your considerable power to them and keeping none for yourself and that does NOT give you the best chance to heal yourself.

Your medical team, no matter how highly esteemed or how accomplished, function largely in the role of body mechanics. They are trained in terms of body, meaning they can operate on you, they can administer chemotherapy and radiation, they can prescribe a treatment strategy, but they are not responsible for your life or your health!

You are.

Nobody can get well for you – you have to do it for yourself.

I think it’s wonderful to select a medical team in whom you have a great degree of confidence and rapport. That’s important to do.

But once they are in place, your attention must also focus on the role of mind and spirit in your journey with cancer, because cancer (and especially breast cancer) often carries with it a huge emotional and spiritual component.

You are a totality of body, mind and spirit – to ignore the other aspects and focus only on the physical body I believe is a grave mistake.

Here’s what I recommend to remedy that.

Get on top of those stress levels and deal with the old emotional wounds. And if you have a strong desire to do something, do it!

Nearly every woman I meet with tells me that the stress in their lives prior to their diagnosis was off the charts. It was the same for me.

And here’s what I’ve noticed in my years as a breast cancer coach – those who don’t tend to their emotional/spiritual health tend to not fare as well. They have recurrences. They struggle a lot more with the healing process. Sometimes they die.

Yes, I just went there.

I’ve had clients who did everything perfectly on the physical level – all the right food, the best supplements, the exercise, the detoxing – but they didn’t deal with the toxic relationship, or couldn’t bring themselves to leave an abusive marriage. Or had a deep emotional attachment to something they craved for their life but didn’t give themselves permission to bring it to fruition.

And we lost them.

This breaks my heart! I don’t want that for you. So here are some things you can do to improve your emotional/spiritual self.

* Learn meditation  — it can bring you so much peace, even just a few minutes per day can make a huge difference. We know that simply quieting the mind has amazing effects at the cellular level – it’s one of those epigenetic game changers! If you need help with this, I have an on-line course already set up for you – Change Your Life Meditation Course

* Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping – this is so simple to learn and yet so powerful. It’s kind of like a combination of neuro-linguistic programming, working with acupuncture meridians and Thought Field Therapy. Dr Peta Stapleton, an Australian researcher, found that tapping could reduce cortisol levels (a hormone released in response to stress) by up to 43%. More info about her research here. One of my favourite teachers of EFT is Brad Yates, you can find him on YouTube.

* Psychotherapy – if you feel you need help uncovering something you may have buried deeply in your psyche, seek out a trained psychotherapist. They can help you with past emotional trauma, relationship counseling, negative thinking – whatever you feel you need!

* Daily Use of a Biofrequency Device – because you don’t know what you don’t know! Sometimes you aren’t aware of what can be holding you back. The device I recommend has the ability to help you uncover not only what physical imbalances might be occurring, but also mental and spiritual imbalances. Better yet, it can help you address those imbalances by sending you the frequencies you personally need. For more information, I prepared a video for you about it: What is a Biofrequency Device?

Whatever you choose to do, please don’t leave this aspect of your healing journey to chance. You will feel so much better – lighter – when you have dealt with some of that old emotional baggage. That’s when true healing starts to take place.

So empower yourself.  Do what you need to do to get beyond this – and be the beautiful spirit I know you can be. You deserve it and the world needs your healing. I believe it was Wayne Dyer who said “The healing we each do contributes to the healing of all of us.” I couldn’t agree more.


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