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Breast Cancer Coaching with Marnie Clark

Sometimes we just need help. When you are hit with a breast cancer diagnosis, the first thing you’ll be tempted to do is jump onto the Internet and look up absolutely everything you can find on the subject. But that’s not necessarily a good idea and here’s why.

Sometimes the information you get is conflicting. Sometimes the information is outdated, and sometimes it’s just a myth! You will also run into chat groups where people discuss their various journeys with breast cancer and this can often contain information that’ll scare the bejeebers out of you. Who needs that? It puts you into a bad head space and can put some wrong ideas into your head.

That’s where I can help.

I have been doing this for a long time. I am delving into the research on breast cancer every single day. I talk with and coach women (and men) going through breast cancer every day. I went through breast cancer myself in 2004 (you can see part of my journey in Breast Cancer Diary), and I co-led a breast cancer support group for two years. What my clients are sharing with me is that I helped them move forward with a holistic healing plan and feeling better in a lot less time (and with a lot less worry, anxiety and confusion) than it would have taken them to put together their own plan. They tell me that it makes all the difference, knowing that you are doing everything you possibly can to get well goes a long way toward peace of mind. And a peaceful mind means a healing body.

In a 60 minute session with me, you will receive:

1. Recommendations for foods, supplements, superfoods, essential oils and nutraceuticals that will help you to optimize your anti-cancer regimen;

2. I will answer any of your questions surrounding breast cancer (so make sure to have a list!);

3. Provide you with guidance about how your thoughts, words and feelings can have an impact on your recovery – your emotional state is so important to your recovery and is often neglected as people tend to focus on the physical. I will show you a variety of methods to release stress, negative thoughts, and old belief patterns;

4. I will provide you with a detailed healing plan which will address not only nutrients but other lifestyle alterations you can make to decrease your risk of recurrence (or if you’re well, teach you how to stay that way). Together we will co-create a recovery and wellness plan suited to your very particular needs;

5. Unlimited follow-ups by email (or phone if the need arises) for 90 days.

All coaching sessions are done either by Zoom conference or by Skype at mutually agreed appointment times.

Breast Cancer Coaching Fee for all of the above: $197.00 USD 

To proceed, please click the button below and I will send you the booking information.

If you just want to discuss nutrition and feel you have a pretty good handle on the other aspects of healing from breast cancer, I also have Nutritional Consults available below.

Nutritional Consultations 

If you are currently taking nutritional supplements (there are so many, right?) and eating particular foods and wondering if you might be missing out on some key ones for your wellness regimen, then this is for you. I will go over your list of all of the supplements you are taking (if any), along with your 3-day food diary, and your diagnosis, plus any pharmaceuticals you might also be taking, and I will review it by email. I will be able to make some valuable suggestions for anti-cancer optimization. 

Nutritional Consultation fee: $95.00 USD

How to proceed: Please click the button below and I will get in touch with you to advise what information I will need from you, and/or answer any questions.

I look forward to working with you!


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