Here are some comments from some of my wonderful subscribers and coaching clients (now also thrivers!) to my breast cancer coaching, newsletters and email support:

“Marnie, I completely read your blog yesterday.  Thank you so much for having it out there!  It helped me through my 1st visit to the surgeon’s office today.  I already knew what to expect because of you.  My twin sister who was one of the people in my support team today commented on how well prepared I was for the visit.  Marnie, I told her it was all because of you!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!  God Bless!!!”  – imely68 from WhatNext forum

“You are a remarkable presence in the wasteland of real support for those of us trying to improve our quality of life with cancer.  Thank you for all your effort, thank you for being one woman doing more for us than The American Cancer Society and their expensive brochures.” – Lin W, Texas USA

“Thank you for your ministry of communication and research on some very important topics.  Your newsletter is a breath of fresh air to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  The internet made it possible for me to become an informed consumer of medical treatment in a world where folks believe doctors are Gods! I feel so sorry for women who blindly follow medical advice, who do not have the means of getting a full picture of current treatments options.  Your newsletter is a gift of loving care.”  Sharon G, Pennsylvania USA

“I wanted to say thank you for all you do. You are an amazing and compassionate woman.  Wish I had the drive you have. I have finished my treatments and got the all clear from the doctors. I an officially cancer free. Yay I have returned back to work. It was a long hard road but I did it.  Thank you for all your information and support. Many blessings.” Jennifer N, Texas USA

“Marnie, you saved me ! You turned it around….. I’m so grateful!”Janet M, Hawaii USA

“JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE all the newsletters.  Find myself stopping as soon as they arrive in my ‘inbox’ to see what you’ve written about.  Thanks and keep up the fantastic work – I don’t know how you find the time but it is well spent. x” Marrea M, South Perth, Western Australia

“Thank you for the email and the meaningful words. I also wanted to thank you for being with me during my treatments. Your emails and posts not only gave me information but lots of courage.”  Susan Z, Edmonton, Canada

“Marnie has been a huge blessing to me as I went down the journey of breast cancer, stage 1 in January, 2012. She provided me with information on good nutrition and exercise during and after treatments. She helped me realize I had too much refined sugar and breads in my diet. I was HER2 positive, and Marnie let me know specific foods that I should include in my diet. Marnie is also a member of the “C” Club so you can be comfortable if you need to ask questions or express any concerns. I recently told a friend how much Marnie had given me so much knowledge that I did not have prior to this experience. My friend, knowledge is power and helps you make the best decision in challenging times!” – Cindy C, South Carolina USA

“Marnie Clark is invaluable to me as I was diagnosed with an extremely rare head/neck cancer and breast cancer. She has helped me physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and I believe God put her in my life.  She is brilliant in her knowledge of all she presents. Marnie gives all of herself to us and goes beyond belief in support and finding answers and assistance.  I trust her with all my heart.  Her expertise with supplements, juices, mental help, etc, and everything she says you can count on being accurate and honest.   She is my “rock” and  I feel I can turn to her for everything with full trust and help.  GOD BLESS MARNIE” – Barbara L, Pennsylvania USA

“Marnie’s was one of the first websites I happened upon after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am lucky it was. Her positive tone and helpful advice was a comfort while I was waiting for all the details of my diagnosis. Then afterward, after I knew more about what was happening with me…Marnie’s newsletters kept providing me with more and more interesting, uplifting and useful information. Marnie’s encouragement to stay involved with my treatment and do things that I can control has helped give me hope that I can fight this cancer and improve my prognosis. Marnie is in it for the long-haul with continual contributions to my daily routine. Thank-you Marnie!” – Barb B. Toronto, Canada

“I am currently undergoing treatment for Stage 1 breast cancer (lobular and ductal), post mastectomy and on drug therapy.  I have found Marnie’s newsletters and emails to be a Godsend. She helped me prepare for my surgery and armed me with the tools to avoid infection while in the hospital. After my surgery I used her juicing advice and have felt an energy and vibrancy like never before, as I kick cancer’s butt.  I have also incorporated essential oils into my life to lift my spirits and help in my recovery. Her website has given me a great sense of power, when I thought I was powerless.” – Carol D, Florida USA

“Marnie gives a holistic (body, mind and spirit) view to dealing with breast cancer. She gives alternatives to conventional treatments (although it is more adjunct to ) that are thoroughly researched. I have gone through a lumpectomy, radiation therapy, and an estrogen blocker for estrogen positive breast cancer. I had 4 lymph nodes removed, none of which were positive, I am dealing w/ side effects from the arimidex that I was advised to take for 5 years. I have joint pain and hot flashes, Some of Marnie’s suggestions are very helpful.  I feel Marnie is a great comfort when I become overwhelmed… Thank you, Marnie.” – Cheryl P., Ohio USA

“I wish I would have discovered Marnie’s website when I was first diagnosed with cancer. Since I happened on the site I have found a multitude of information and help that is understanding, practical and supportive. When you are dealing with the uncertainty of what to expect and what to do in order to influence and improve your outcome, it is nice to have a resource like Marnie. Your website and information has been great Marnie. Thank you.” – Miriam O.

“Thanks Marnie…..Your knowledge and advice helped me and my family cope with my breast cancer. You helped me find the questions to ask my Oncologist and nurses and Surgeon, and understanding their answers. I did not feel so alone when I could go to your blogs and have answers right there. Thank you again” – Jackie P., Ohio USA

“I accidentally stumbled on this site when I was searching for something else but I was hooked once I started reading the blog! I am a breast cancer survivor of about 12 years. I value Marnie’s insight and her clear concise way of delivering the information. She welcomes questions and comments. I appreciate all the time and energy it takes to maintain the blogging and web site. Thank you Marnie!” – Bonnie B, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago and having a background of nursing and working as a Naturopath I thought I could breeze through and be my own Integrative practitioner. I found out just how overwhelming it was, just coping with the diagnosis and treatment as well as doing research and sifting through what was actually useful and appropriate for my specific needs. Over the past 6 years I have attended many Integrative Oncology seminars, webinars and have worked with women going through treatment for breast cancer. Where I fell down personally, was in the mind-body area which Marnie has focused on in her blog. I now know how important the awareness of our environment, external and internal, is on how we express our genes and how epigenetic influences include our belief systems. When I came across Marnie’s blog I was astounded by her up to date research and practical and emotional support for women at every stage of their treatment. I now refer my clients to Marnie’s site and feel confident that they are in good hands. Thank you Marnie for such an amazing and generous gift.” – Kathleen C, Auckland, New Zealand

When I was first diagnosed, I found myself drowning in information overload, googling on the Internet – not knowing who to believe – so many negative stories out there. When I stumbled on Marnie’s blog I found it so helpful to find all the information on the one site – and a lot of information I had not even thought I would ever need to know about. I was scared and had so many questions that I wanted answered by someone who had been through breast cancer – not a doctor who hadn’t. Marnie contacted me and was very reassuring and positive – and I did surprise myself at my own inner strength. Thank you Marnie for sharing your knowledge and encouragement.”– Leone P, Perth, Western Australia

I have been doing an alternative cancer therapy for breast cancer for the past two and a half years. I was always looking for more information on this elusive and complicated disease, when I came across Marnie’s website. I poured over her personal cancer story and links, when I decided to email her and thank her for the wonderful website. Much to my surprise, she answered me back and has been doing so ever since. Her website is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date sites on breast cancer choices that I have come across. She is non-judgmental when it comes to a woman’s decision to heal her own body, and she is extremely dedicated to her website and followers. Thank you so much Marnie for all of the wonderful work you do to help other women to survive and thrive! xx” – Courtney W, Killarney, Ireland

“Thank you so much, you have really helped me. I have learnt so much from your blog. So many things you are not told. I was so scared about this breast cancer, but having you along the way has made me see things in a better light. Information and personal response to many questions has made me more confident in my decisions. Thanks just does not seem enough.” – Debra C., New South Wales, Australia

“A one stop shop, Marnie is a great source of information on breast cancer and related topics. As a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer I found it difficult to find quality information on natural health and beauty related to breast cancer. Marnie’s newsletters provide a valuable, comprehensive source of information and a holistic approach to natural health. Thank you for your ongoing support.” – Dionne J. Mosman Park, Western Australia

“Thank you Marnie for all the wonderful information on your blog that helps us deal with our breast cancer! I especially have enjoyed your meditation download which I feel is helping heal me daily. You are such a blessing to so many.” – Anne P

“I was diagnosed in April this year, I found myself in a state of overwhelming fear and confusion. I happened to come across Marnie, her site and wealth of knowledge have been my guiding light in these difficult times. I’ve learned so much and hope has returned to my life in how to beat this illness and keep myself healthy. This site is invaluable and I recommended it to everyone I meet. Please keep up the good work Marnie, you will never know how you helped and help me. God bless you for taking up the baton and given us women a holistic view!” – Fatima, London, England

I ran across this site by accident. I was trying to find information on things to do to keep my cancer from coming back. I found that information here. I had my mastectomy in November of 2012. Marnie has been a tremendous help to me. I’ve learned so much from the information she has provided. I am so thankful to her for all the help she’s given and all the research she’s done. She has done so much work to make this information available to people who need it. Not only does she do the research and put it on a website, she takes a personal interest in people. I love that! Anytime I’ve had a question or didn’t understand something she has always answered it. Marnie is a very special lady. She gives so much of herself and she’s compassionate and understanding. I am so thankful that I found her site. It has helped me tremendously! There’s so much I didn’t know about. I didn’t know certain foods, vitamins and oils could make a difference. Thanks for all your hard work Marnie and for being a wonderful person!” – Roxanne, Tennessee USA

“My mastectomy was in March 2013, and I was diagnosed with oestrogen receptive positive cancer cells. After 5 months of the oestrogen blocker Arimidex, I was in a great deal of pain plus other side effects from taking this medication. I was not willing to tolerate these side effects for the next 5 years which were affecting my quality of life. I made the decision to “go natural” and in doing so Marnie’s website seemed to suddenly jump out to me from my computer. What a fantastic website and Marnie has researched so much to help you in every way possible and she has certainly turned my life around. Doing just about everything she recommends, I now feel fantastic and so empowered knowing I am controlling my health. It is said that everything happens for a reason and maybe Marnie’s first hand experience was probably meant to be so that she could become the great ambassador she is for the wonderful support she is so willing to share and the great resources she always seems to have at her finger tips. I am so grateful for all her help and support and always look forward to her newsletters.”– Sylvia W, Lake Clifton, Western Australia

“Dear Marnie, I wanted to say thank you, thank you and thank you! for the variety of topics on breast cancer you have managed to work on. It is amazing to me! Your dedication and hard work in finding the latest research is evident in all you write. You have answered all my questions as well as cleared my doubts in the confusing world of medical jargon. I feel so much better about combining holistic therapies as I go along with main stream medicine! Your website is an invaluable source of information which I will be referring to for many years to come (I hope!). Thank you for being professional as well as caring and compassionate! This is a time when a special and knowledgeable friend is needed, especially one who’s gone through the challenges of breast cancer herself. God bless you!” – Edie W., Arizona USA

“Marnie your website is fantastic. When I was first diagnosed I went to Dr Google and spent endless hours and days to try and find what I could do to ensure I had the best possible chance of a long life. One website led to another then I found your site. What a relief, here was everything anyone going through breast cancer or those supporting a loved one with breast cancer would want to know. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into research and information sharing which makes living a healthier lifestyle easy. I have benefited greatly from your information and have subsequently shared information about your website with many others who have found themselves walking the same path.” – Anne-Louise W., Bribie Island, nr Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“Dear Marnie, I want to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletter and all of your personal emails through this ‘inconvenience’ of mine. From the beginning you have answered my questions and offered alternatives that are all so helpful. I always look forward to your newsletters because they are so educational and I find out something new every time I read them. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you take from your own personal busy life to assist those of us who need someone with so much information. You are one of the important components of my healing process. I am so glad that I clicked on that website when all of this started 😀 From the bottom of my heart ‘Thank you’.” – Linda R., California USA

“Thank you for all your information. I also found it very helpful knowing that there is someone like you out there whom I can talk to and that I’m not alone on this journey. Many thanks and keep up the good work.” – Carla D, Australia

“I happened upon Marnie’s website some years after my cancer diagnosis. I was greatly impressed with all the good information and advice including links to different articles. Like Marnie, I really truly believe there is so much we can do to help ourselves and am convinced diet plays an important role. It’s nice to know we have options besides relying totally on all the pills and potions so readily prescribed. Thank you, Marnie.” – Mary G

“Marnie Clark is the greatest! Her concern for those of us who are battling, have battled, and are surviving breast cancer is heartfelt, to say the least. Without reservation, Marnie has committed her time and energy to making us knowledgeable about how to win the war against breast cancer so we can live healthy and happily ever after. In her blog and newsletters, she provides in-depth, crucial information about surviving breast cancer. As a result, for me, her website is the one-stop information center about all things pertaining to breast cancer: pre-and post-surgery/treatment, nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional well-being, and more. Don’t take my word, browse her website, or shoot Marnie an email about your breast cancer journey. From her caring and kind on-going communications, you’ll soon recognize that you’ve found a new and dear friend for life.” – Audrey C, North Carolina USA

“Marnie, I really appreciate all of the research you have done to support your newsletters and blog. Your research and prior experience has been very helpful to me as I wend my way through the cancer minefield. Your information on aromatherapy, essential oils and meditation is very useful and I really appreciate your personal meditation downloads. Thank you so much for your interest, help and support during this challenging time!” – Mary H, Washington USA

“Thank you so much for your wisdom, compassion and generosity. You and the research you provide have been a huge help in guiding me through my cancer treatments and have empowered me to see the help I need, not just what the doctors tell me to do. It is a breath of fresh air to read your newsletters and blog and to learn about various treatments and research that has been done or is being done. I quickly learned that many of the breast cancer sites have the same talking points and do not offer anything new, however that is not the case with your information. I always learn something new and they encourage me to do more research and question which is the right path for me. Thanks so much, I really appreciate all of your efforts.” – Paige C, Illinois USA

“I was so relieved to find Marnie’s site when searching out information on the web for breast cancer resources, she’s a one-stop shop for conventional and alternative information! I also subscribed to her meditation course and have found that it has really changed my life and made dealing with treatment and all that goes with it much easier and less stressful. During radiation treatments I made a point to share her web info with the other women in the waiting room and they were very grateful. Finding good information on the web can be daunting and frustrating but here Marnie has done all the hard work of collecting it all in one place and made my life and healing a lot easier. Busy as she is, she actually personally answered my questions and concerns and was a treasured calming voice of experience throughout my treatments. Remarkable. All I can say is thank you for everything you do, you truly have made a huge difference in my life!” – Holly S, Connecticut USA

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January this year after a routine mammogram, and for quite some time I was numb, lost and very scared. Then I realised I was feeling that way because I was entering a terrain that I knew nothing about. I was feeling lost and disempowered because I didn’t have the tools or the knowledge to fight this thing that was changing my thoughts, feelings and every day normal. So i decided to get armed and enter the battlefield with the appropriate tools and knowledge. I went searching online and learned so much that gave me back my power. However, I was feeling quite alone on this journey until one fine day, close to my surgery, I came across Marnie. I signed up to Marnie’s web page and I have never looked back. I found someone to walk alongside me and I gained a beautiful friend. Marnie has been there for me whenever I have reached out. She has given me excellent advice and if you go organic for the first time it’s wonderful to have someone who can help when you just don’t have a clue. Marnie helped me to think about all my options, whether it was a choice of treatment or simply which skin cream. She has a wealth of the most amazing articles on her webpage and she has done all the hard work for us, but if you want to check it out she is meticulous with her evidence and research information. If I’m ever wondering about something I go straight to Marnie’s page and 9 times out of ten it will be there. She has already thought about it and put the work in…how wonderful is that! I could go on and on but I think it is very evident that I am a fan. If you are embarking on this journey take Marnie along with you because she is the best friend you could have. Unfortunately there are not so many people who are willing to give a stranger so much time, and so much compassion but Marnie is one of those shining lights, and if you have the very best fortune to come across her then you are already blessed. Thank you Marnie for being you xxx” – Tessa M-G London, England

“Thank you Marnie, having found your website not long after having my mastectomy for stage 3 invasive lobular cancer in 2013, your information has helped me so much in my healing process and for that I am so grateful. You truly are a special person to have helped me and so many others. The amount of information you cover and how informative it has been and even the time it would of taken to do so just shows what a beautiful person you are! Thank you again for being there in this time of my life and helping me on my road to recovery. Forever grateful.” – Kerry O, Australia

“Thank you Marnie for being there when I was going through my “journey” with breast cancer. I cannot tell you how encouraging it has been to have your insight and knowledge during this process. The majority of physicians I have talked to do not have the knowledge that you have. You’re my “go to” resource for everything. I have referred so many friends to your website just for general health information. One does not have to have cancer to learn from you in everything from diet to essential oils. Thank you Marnie for being here for all of us. I can tell by these testimonials that I am not alone. You are truly a blessing!” – Sandy H, Idaho USA

“When I discovered Marnie’s site, I had already been through the major part of the treatment and the emotional roller coaster ride. I still signed up for the newsletters and these are helping me in my recovery. I often go back and forth with the newsletters I get in my email and her website, gathering information that might help me or simply pass them on to somebody else in need of this information.  I love how Marnie interacts with me as one of her readers and one can feel her sincerity in her desire to help others.  Now I am in that return-to-normal phase when most survivors feel lost and alone after the regular doctor’s appointments have stopped and what people often perceive that you’re out in the clear ( I just turned 1 year since my diagnosis) and you are not getting that much attention anymore, Marnie is there checking up on me via the newsletters and I don’t feel alone. I am so thankful that there is a Marnie Clark who I consider my angel.” – Dr Myra Rebecca Van Hoff, California USA

“​You are the best WEB SITE GURU there is!!! God sent me an ANGEL too when I was looking for answers on Triple Negative Breast Cancer!! It was one year on September 20, 2014 since my diagnosis. I am so grateful to have had you on my journey while I undertook 15 rounds of chemo, a bilateral Mastectomy and two reconstructive surgeries. I would go on the road for my Plastic Surgeon promoting “TaTa’s for Seniors!! Some of my treatments went against the grain of your knowledge however at the time I thought that’s what I had to do. I am vital and strong and now taking on the next part of my journey how to detoxify my body from the poisons that have been put in. My positive spirit has served me well and God has held my hand. Your nutritional guidance and my juicing daily has been a huge advantage to my recovery. I Thank You every day as I take my Transfer Factors, an amazing product. We may be thousands of miles apart but you are always in my heart for the TLC you have given to me.” – Linda A, California USA

“All I can say is – I’m sorry I didn’t find your website before the surgery. Even though there is plenty of material on the Internet, you bring us all this information in a more personal way. Many of them confirmed my thoughts about conventional medicine and helped me to understand and learn things I knew nothing about. Please keep up the great work. Thank you, Marnie.” – Iva KM, Zagreb, Croatia

“Marnie was just amazing!!! She was extremely helpful and informative during a very uncertain and scary time in my life. I can honestly say I would not have made it through without her. Even though she is based in Australia and I live in the US, I felt like she was holding my hand during such a daunting time. She guided me with her valuable articles and emails in regard to my specific diagnosis. She was as valuable as the doctors I was seeing and much more insightful than any of them in regard to nutrition and mind-body healing and approaches. She is an angel and I am forever grateful to her for everything!!!! – Melissa P, Pennsylvania USA

“I was blessed when I stumbled onto Marnie’s website. Although it was over 8 years since I went through breast cancer treatment, I have lived with the fear that it could reoccur. I knew I needed to live a healthier lifestyle, but finding Marnie’s site and being able to access Marnie’s knowledge and read what really works to help prevent a recurrence is extremely helpful. By incorporating these things into my life, I have more peace and a lot less fear. Marnie has taken the time to personally reassure me through a cancer scare, that turned out to be nothing, and she has guided me on supplements that I am currently taking to boost my immune system. I feel so lucky that I have found her and feel like she is such a great support. She has such a good heart!” – Tracy J, California USA

“When a friend of mine who is dealing with breast cancer told me about your website, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Although I have never dealt with any cancer issues as yet, I feel strongly that we have to be our own health advocates these days. I am dealing with an autoimmune thyroid disease and because of people such as yourself who are putting so much great information on the web, at times I feel like I know more than some of my doctors. With autoimmunity it is so important to learn how to handle the stress that comes our way and to find “me time”. You have put so much valuable information about this in your newsletters that it has been life altering for me. Minimizing harmful chemical exposure is also very important for those with autoimmunity and you have guided me in the right direction with information on where I can purchase cosmetics, lotions, etc, that are pure. Aside from the great information, I love the warm and fuzzy feeling that you have given me from the start. You come across as a best friend and sister, so willing to help in any way that you can.  You really care… it doesn’t get any better than that!  Thanks for the blessing of YOU.” – Wendy F,  New Jersey, USA

“I made contact with Marnie in the early stages of my information trawl following diagnosis of my breast cancer in July 2014. I signed up for the newsletters and followed on Facebook. The information, approach and individualised support is very reassuring and supportive of developing your own personal plan. Being in this situation is scary. It is great to have a reference point from someone who has actually walked this path and had experience of orthodox and alternative health treatment/healing processes. The regular newsletters are up to date, very relevant not only for those on the cancer journey but everyone can learn from them. I have had regular email contact with Marnie which has supported much of my thinking, especially at those times when you receive results and seem to be thrown into turmoil with the need to rethink your way forward. Those, for me, have been the darker times, times I have worried I might make rash decisions and times when support has been really helpful to keep me calm and thinking clearly. A huge thank you to you. x” – Liz C, West Yorkshire, UK

“There’s just one word for me to best describe Marnie, Blessing! You have inspired and motivated me to be my own advocate, to be bold and to rise above any obstacles during my journey. I specially enjoyed all the info on juicing antioxidants for energy. I have never felt so strong after chemo treatments until I started incorporating Marnie’s daily juicing recommendations. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to all your sisters. It was fate to have come across your website. Love this lady heart & soul.” – Arelis M, New York, USA

“Marnie and her website are treasures which I came upon merely by chance, and boy, am I glad I did! I have found the website is a rich source of information which greatly expanded my own journey toward healing. I have found Marnie herself to be a hopeful, helpful, optimistic person of good humor who deeply cares about each and every visitor to her website. There is an old jingle which says “Reach out and touch someone.” This is what Marnie does with grace and compassion.” – Moneda A, New Mexico USA

“Hi Marnie! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have relied on your website during the 2 years since my diagnosis. I have recommended you to anyone who needs help getting through breast cancer. The information on here is phenomenal and I know I can trust you to give us the most up to date material as possible. It’s scary to be doing things outside of conventional medicine but I believe I am doing what is right for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!” – Susan P, Alabama USA

“It has taken me a day or two to surface from our session. You were incredible!!!. Thank you so much for giving me hope, a plan of action, acknowledgement that I was on the right path, and the essentials for taking just what I need and not the rest. I felt so much lighter after we talked and had reassurance that I can do this and put breast cancer behind me while creating a new, simple, healthier life. Thank you again.” – Donna W, New Jersey USA

“Marnie, my husband is a biophysicist and teaches at a med school, also has aggressive  prostate cancer with several genes  found in breast cancer.  We both have done much research and I was amazed to find your site and the work you have done.  HOW CAN WE GET YOU TO BE MORE VISIBLE ON THE WEB?   You are excellent in your research, well documented…  Thank-you.  You’re performing a service that many academics and MD’s don’t and are biased against  and IS SO IMPORTANT!  I am grateful.  (my husband was part of the former group…he is slowly coming around….and has been WFPB, low oil, with lots of turmeric, ETC., …says ‘it won’t hurt.’   Thanks to people like you, he benefits.)” – Sandy N., USA”

“Thank you for turning me on to the wide world of alternative therapies. I am much more comfortable with that strategy.” – Meryl B., USA

“I was so blessed to have your wisdom and content (videos, newsletters, etc) suddenly pop up in my virtual life when I so needed it a couple of years back. I’m so much wiser, educated and confident on my return to health crusade because of you! – Vanessa P., Illinois, USA

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words.  It has truly been my honor to walk alongside you on your journey.