Awesome Essential Oil Combos

Awesome Essential Oil Combos

Further to my page Essential Oils for Overall Health and Specific Health Problems, where I list all of my favorite essential oils, I have had quite a few people interested in more specific information on why I use essential oils, and also some ideas on how to use them.

Part of the reason I use essential oils is because they have a beautiful aroma and energetic vibration. Essential oils work synergistically at the cellular level to help us improve our health and emotional state.

Another reason I use essential oils is that I know they are what Mother Nature intended us to use for our health, they are here on the planet for a reason! 

I’m not suggesting you should use essential oils instead of conventional medicine to help heal yourself, so please don’t do that. But – in combination with conventional therapies that you might choose for your healing, they can be very potent assistance.

As discussed in my article The Breast, its Microbiome and Ways to Improve It, I offer the following advice about using essential oils for possibly improving  the breast microbiome:

“I have a very specific protocol. I massage two different essential oils into the breasts for three days, and then switch to a different pair after those three days. Each oil works in different ways to keep us healthy, so by switching frequently you are getting a wide array of beautiful plant-based phytochemicals that help to keep the breast microbiome nice and healthy.” 

This is not based on any research that I know of, it’s just something I have been doing for years. Having said that, I do know that these oils have plenty of research indicating they are naturally antibacterial and all of them also have research showing other health benefits. I’m not allowed to use the “C” word.

Whether or not this will work for you depends on many different factors, so I’m not making any promises here. I’m just sharing what works for me.

Without further ado, here are some awesome essential oil combos to help get you started. These are all essential oil combinations I have personally used and can vouch for:

Pine + Orange
Lavender + Grapefruit
Frankincense + Copaiba
Myrtle + Palo Santo
Spruce + Lemon
Manuka + Lemon Myrtle
Dorado Azul + Ocotea
Myrrh + Lime
Palo Santo + Tangerine
Dorado Azul + Ginger
Frankincense + Palmarosa
Idaho Balsam Fir + Clove
Spruce + Tangerine
Hinoki + Lime
Elemi + Mandarin
Tsuga + Clove
Lemon Myrtle + Jasmine
Juniper + Lemon
Roman Chamomile + Copaiba
White Fir + Ocotea
Lavender + Frankincense
Hinoki + Ginger
German Chamomile + Lemon
Pine + Mandarin
Melissa + Frankincense
Oregano + Lavender (Oregano is a hot oil, you must dilute it with a carrier oil)
Blue Cypress + Frankincense
Bergamot + Orange
Marjoram + Geranium
Cinnamon Bark + Hempseed Oil (Cinnamon is a hot oil, you must dilute it with a carrier oil)
Clove + Palmarosa
Myrtle + Lemon
Copaiba + Manuka
Cedarwood + Tangerine
Rosemary + Lime
Tsuga + Orange
Elemi + Lavender
Patchouli + Lavender
Black Pepper + Laurus Nobilis
Galbanum + Pine
Idaho Blue Spruce + Grapefruit
Jasmine + Orange
St Johns Wort + Lavender
Lemon + Sage
Manuka + German Chamomile
Palo Santo + Ginger
Basil + Lemon
Xiang Mao + Lavender
Cypress + Tangerine
Patchouli + Frankincense
Douglas Fir + Orange
Fragonia + Lemon
Thyme + Lavender (Thyme is a hot oil, you must dilute it with a carrier oil)
Helichrysum + Lavender
Sandalwood + Grapefruit
Copaiba + Ledum
Lemongrass + Ginger (Lemongrass is a hot oil, you must dilute it with carrier oil)
Peppermint + Rose (Peppermint is a very cooling oil, best to dilute it with a carrier oil)
Ravintsara + Orange
Rose + just about anything!

There you go! So get busy and creative and see what combos you can put together for yourself and be sure to share them in the comments section below.

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