Mindset for Healing –


A Profound Yet Simple Plan to See Healing from a New Perspective

a book by Tirtzah Sandor

Tirtzah Sandor is a friend — we have long had a mutual regard for one another and the healing journeys we have each been on.

When Tirtzah asked me to read her book, I have to admit it took me a little while to getting around to doing it, but when I finally did, I was so impressed with all it contained — so much important information on the importance of having a positive mindset when you are on any healing journey! I loved it immediately, and knew that I must share this one-of-a-kind book with you.

Tirtzah Sandor calls herself a breast cancer releaser (I love that), she is also an empath, intuitive and healer. She uses her gifts to guide you to create a mindset for healing in order to help you move more confidently through your healing journey and tap into your personal power to heal.

Having been through many healing journeys in her life, most recently as a breast cancer releaser, Tirtzah knows first hand what it is like to need a mindset/reset to empower oneself to heal, and shares that crucial information in her book. 

Tirtzah was able to release her stage three, triple negative breast cancer in eight months by following the steps in her book and working WITH her doctors.

In Mindset for Healing You Will Discover How To:

Choose to make good decisions

Not allow the dis-ease to define you

Believe in yourself

Make self-care and self-love a priority

Empower yourself so fear doesn’t rule you

Forge and follow your own healing path

Create a positive mindset

Forgive yourself and then forgive others

Enjoy the journey

Live life fully while healing


You can purchase her book on Amazon.

For more information on classes and courses that Tirtzah has available, contact her through her website www.tirtzahsandor.com. Or send her a message here: https://www.tirtzahsandor.com/contact

What’s Next?…

1:1 Breast Cancer & Nutrition Coaching

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m delving into the research on breast cancer every single day. I talk with and coach women (and men) going through breast cancer every day. I went through breast cancer myself in 2004 and co-led a breast cancer support group for two years.

What my clients are sharing with me is that I helped them move forward with a holistic healing plan and feeling better in a lot less time (and with a lot less worry, anxiety and confusion) than it would have taken them to put together their own plan.

Toxic Free Me Online Course

As a breast cancer coach, one of the things I am asked most frequently by women going through the journey is how to get through it with a minimum of damage to their bodies, and their psyche; in other words, how best to survive and give themselves the best chances of recurrence-free survival — especially without the use of hormone inhibiting drugs. 

In order to answer that need, I put together a comprehensive “how-to” course called “Toxic Free Me”. 

Change Your Life Meditation Course

When I was going through breast cancer, one of the things I became aware of quite quickly was that badly managed stress was very much involved in why I got sick. Of course, it wasn’t the only reason, but I believe that this stress undermined my immune system to a significant degree. So one of the first things I felt I must do is learn meditation so I could better handle that stress and then the anxiety of having a breast cancer diagnosis.

This self study course has the power to change your life!