Reduce Surgical Adhesions After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

I had breast cancer in 2004, and I chose to have the latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction surgery following upon my lumpectomy surgery because my surgeon found it necessary to remove quite a large chunk of my breast.  I am also a massage therapist and I have a great massage technique that will reduce surgical adhesions after breast reconstruction surgery, and I’m excited to be sharing that technique with you today.

I began having some issues with tightness and soreness around the scar and, knowing that adhesions might be forming at the surgical site, I had my own massage therapist perform this massage technique on me.  I found it to be absolutely crucial to my ability to move without pain and to reduce post-surgical adhesions, so I shot this video today to help you (with the help of my friend, Robin, who is the person on the massage table – thanks Robin!).

If you can get your massage therapist (or even your partner or willing friend) to watch the video and learn how to do it, you will feel so much better for it.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but please only use medicinal grade essential oils – they are much more effective and potent than the oils you can buy in the health food store.  My favorite brand is Young Living Essential Oils.


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