How To Look Gorgeous While Going Through Chemotherapy

Look while going through chemotherapy?  I’m not joking, it’s definitely possible!  While the thought of losing your hair makes most women shudder, it can actually be a very liberating experience!

On the positive side, look how much time you’ll free up every morning not having to comb, brush, wash, dry, tease, gel, spray your hair into submission!

I thought I was going to hate being bald, but once I got over the negativity of the situation, I actually rather enjoyed it!

Once my hair started to fall out, I had my husband get out the electric clippers and buzz it all off (I looked kind of like Sinead O’Connor).  Then I went through my scarves and got good at tying them on my head in new ways.  I even went to a few stores and found some really amazing scarves – they were so beautiful, I felt really happy about wearing them.   Since it was summer in Australia while I was undergoing my chemo sessions, I didn’t want the discomfort of a wig.

Here’s a link to a good website where they’ll teach you how to tie a head scarf a couple of different ways.  I really like the chain knot wrap.

Then I jewelry making and began to learn how to make really wonderful dangly earrings to pair with the scarves.  I had so much fun, I nearly forgot I was a cancer patient!  I highly recommend learning to do something creative while you’re undergoing chemotherapy – find something that you can get fired up about.  It really helps you get through the discomfort of the treatments.

Another thing you can do is go to a beautician and get a manicure – or a pedicure – or a facial – or learn to do your makeup a new way.  Take this opportunity to pamper yourself, have a little fun with it!

I’ve found a wonderful website with some beautiful scarves – click here to go to that site.  Once you’re there, find the link for the scarf page.  They have some that are 100% cotton that would be so comfortable to wear on your head during the summer.

  Have fun with your new look!

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