Breast Cancer Thriver Discusses Lycium Barbarum for Healing and Health

One of my favorite nutrients when I was going through breast cancer was a juice that has the botanical name of Lycium barbarum, more commonly known as goji or wolfberry.

It is one of the things I highly recommend in my free report “21 Crucial Things To Do When You Have A Breast Cancer Diagnosis” (just sign up for my newsletters over on the far right-hand side of this page to get your copy).

I have been getting a load of inquiries about it lately, so I decided to create a video explaining all about it!  Doing a video is always a little confronting and I’m not a pro by any means, but hopefully you will find the information helpful.


Here is the research I reference in the video:

Lycium Barbarum Inhibits Growth of Estrogen Receptor Positive Human Breast Cancer Cells by Favorably Altering Estradiol Metabolism –

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