Photo courtesy of / Tou Touke

Photo courtesy of / Tou Touke

What You Eat As A Cancer Patient DOES Actually Matter

There seems to be a disturbing trend among the cancer patients with whom I am currently working.  Their oncologists are telling them that it really does not matter what they eat.

Incredible, is it not?  Oncologists are highly trained specialists and they should KNOW better!  Yet they continue to state that there is no evidence at all to support that a change of diet after a cancer diagnosis does us any good.

It’s Bad Advice And Here’s The Proof

This is clearly wrong and bad advice.  If you have been given this advice, go back to your oncologist with this 2011 research study from the British Journal of Cancer: The role of diet and physical activity in breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer survivorship: a review of the literature

Or how about this 2014 Korean study: Effect of 8-week nutrition counseling to increase phytochemical rich fruit and vegetable consumption in korean breast cancer patients: a randomized controlled trial

Or maybe this 2014 Spanish study: Influence of body weight on the prognosis of breast cancer survivors. Nutritional approach after diagnosis

And we have a 2014 US study that indicated women consuming better quality diets had a 26% lower risk of death from any cause: Better postdiagnosis diet quality is associated with reduced risk of death among postmenopausal women with invasive breast cancer in the Women’s Health Initiative

I find it both astounding and disappointing that in light of all of the recent studies we have which indicate otherwise our medical professionals are still giving us this bad advice.  All the more reason we need to empower ourselves with information and be proactive with our own healing.  Our doctors are clearly too busy to read the latest research.  All a bit sad, really, because we are relying upon them to be a trusted source of information.

For the list of the best foods to eat (and to avoid) when you have breast cancer, visit my page Diet and Cancer.

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