The Best Essential Oils for Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Scars

One of the best things you can do subsequent to having a mastectomy or breast reconstruction (or both) is to begin applying certain essential oils to the scars just as soon as the tissues have knitted together and begun to heal. There are several reasons I recommend this and in this article I will share with you those reasons, as well as the best essential oils for mastectomy and breast reconstruction scars. and a recipe for a healing oil you can make yourself using essential oils and some special carrier oils.

Reasons to Begin Using Essential Oils After Surgery

1. All of the oils listed below are enormously antibacterial. Since hospitals are one of the best places to be exposed to some pretty nasty strains of bacteria, protecting your healing tissues with antibacterial essential oils just makes good sense.

2.  Most of the oils listed will help with tissue regeneration, are potently anti-inflammatory, and will speed the healing process.

3. For preventative purposes. As a breast cancer coach, I cannot tell you how many women with whom I’ve come into contact have had recurrences of breast cancer in and among their mastectomy scar lines.  I don’t share this to scare anyone, merely to inform you of the possibility. These oils may help to prevent that from happening. No guarantees, but strictly from my observances, those who used essential oils almost immediately after healing began (and I began using them within 24 hours of reconstruction surgery) have not had problems.

The Best Essential Oils for Scarring

Carrot Seed
Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

Good Carrier Oils for Healing Scars

Tamanu (avoid this if you have nut allergies)

Recipe: Healing Oil for Scars
2 tablespoons organic rosehip oil
2 tablespoons organic tamanu oil
2 tablespoons organic fractionated coconut oil or hemp oil
10 drops vitamin E oil or calendula infused oil
4 drops carrot seed oil
4 drops frankincense oil
2 drops cedarwood oil
2 drops myrrh oil
3 drops patchouli oil
4 drops geranium oil
4 drops copaiba oil
3 drops palmarosa oil
3 drops rosewood oil
2 drops tea tree or eucalyptus oil
1 drop lemon oil

Combine ingredients in a sterilized dark glass bottle with a dropper. Before using, give it a gentle shake back and forth to combine ingredients. Use a few drops along scar lines 3 times per day while scar lines are healing, then twice daily for the next 30-90 days. Continue using at least once daily thereafter.

Will This Blend Help if Surgery Was Months Ago?

Yes, it should help. For those who have already begun the healing process and have some ugly scars left behind, this oil blend can be of assistance. It might not eradicate them completely, but take before and after pictures (and date them) so that you can see the difference. Feel free to share them with me!

Essential Oil Purity Matters

It’s important to understand that when using essential oils for health improvement, you need to be looking for 100% pure, organic essential oils that are made only from plants – as opposed to the cheaper, artificial fragrance oils you will find in places like the local health food shop. The problem with using the cheaper ones is that although they may have a pleasant aroma, fragrance oils often contain synthetic chemicals, and rather than helping to heal, using oils with synthetic chemicals may actually harm. Medicinal grade oils won’t do this.

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