Hey there – my Facebook Live session today covered the Best Antiviral Foods, and I promised to share the list with you on my website.

I apologize if I was a little low-key today, this happens to be the 22nd anniversary of my mother’s death – from breast cancer – and I miss her terribly, especially on this day.

Now about these antiviral foods. I am not claiming that these foods will protect you against coronavirus – we don’t know that. The virus is too new. But we have to eat anyway, right? So we might as well concentrate on the foods we know to have antiviral activity. They might just protect us, who knows? Here’s the list:

The Best Antiviral Foods

Amla – a potent antiviral and a super food available in powder form
Apples – full of phytochemicals that are antiviral
Apple Cider Vinegar – strongly antiviral
Apricots – also full of antiviral phytochemicals
Artichokes – potently antiviral
Arugula/rocket – helps to clean and detoxify the blood of heavy metals which feed viruses
Asparagus – anti-inflammatory and antiviral
Atlantic Sea Vegetables, including dulse, bladderwrack, kelp, alaria, sea lettuce, Irish moss, or rockweed – pull toxic metals out of the body (which feed viruses), lock onto the toxins and pull them out of the body, leaving behind healing minerals
Avocados – full of healthy fats that protect cells from viral activity
Bananas – eaten under-ripe, act as prebiotics, so help to feed beneficial gut bacteria, also contains lectins that have been shown to be anti-viral in research
Bilberries – potently antiviral
Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) – antiviral, immune booster
Black tea – research shows that black tea can almost completely inhibit the infectious nature of influenza virus
Blackberries – full of anthocyanins that suppress inflammation and DNA mutations
Blackcurrants – antiviral
Blueberries – especially wild, help to restore the nervous system and flush viral toxins out of the body
Broccoli and broccoli sprouts – boost immunity, are antiviral
Cauliflower – antibacterial, antiviral
Celery – inhibits viral activity
Citrus fruits – Lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit – all potently antiviral
Coconut oil – antiviral, anti-inflammatory
Cucumbers – flush viral toxins from blood
Elderberries – antiviral, strengthen the immune system
Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kim chi – best if homemade
Figs – many studies show they have antiviral activity
Flaxseed – boosts immunity, protects integrity of cells, antiviral
Garlic – antiviral, antibacterial, defends cells against viral activity
Ginger – potently antiviral
Grapes – have antiviral activity (always choose organic)
Hempseed, Hemp Oil – antiviral
Honey, raw – helps fight against viruses
Kale – high in alkaloids that protect cells against viral activity
Lettuce and leafy greens – help cleanse viruses from the liver
Lychee – antiviral
Mangoes – antiviral
Mangosteen – antiviral
Maple syrup – the pure organic variety is best for its antiviral properties
Medicinal mushrooms – Cordyceps are particularly good at suppressing viral replication, and shiitake mushrooms help to boost immunity and are antiviral. A synergistic blend of mushrooms works well on both things – suppressing viruses and boosting immunity
Nuts – full of antiviral phytochemicals
Onions, shallots, chives, leeks, and scallions – antiviral, protect cells
Papaya – antiviral
Pears – antiviral
Pomegranates – help detox and cleanse the blood and lymphatic system
Potatoes – contain bioactive form of lysine which helps to fight viruses and boost immunity
Pumpkin – full of antiviral vitamins and minerals
Radishes – full of sulfur, potently antiviral
Raspberries – remove viral debris from the organs and bloodstream
Seeds – pumpkin, sesame, hemp, flax – boost immunity and help to rid body of viruses
Spinach – antibacterial, antiviral
Sprouts, microgreens – full of zinc & selenium, strengthen immune system against viral activity
Squash – contains antiviral minerals and vitamins
Strawberries – packed full of DNA-protective antioxidants and antiviral phytochemicals
Sweet potatoes – help cleanse and detox the liver from viral toxins
Tomatoes – good for immune system, help body to eject viruses
Turmeric – crammed full of healing phytochemicals, potently antiviral
Watercress – cleanses the blood, full of vitamin C, antiviral

Interesting, right? I’m always promoting to my breast cancer coaching clients the fact that we need to be overdosing on nutrition to give ourselves the best fighting chance of beating the disease. The same thing is true right now. The better our nutrition, the better our bodies can withstand this thing that’s going around.

I’m continually in awe of how Mother Nature provides for us and protects us. We just need to trust in her more, take care of her better, and take care of ourselves better by eating well, especially during this time. Let’s hope our organic farmers and backyard gardeners can continue to grow what they do. This might be a good time to tear up that grassy spot in your garden and put it to good use!

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