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Good Massage Oil Recipe For Lymphedema

Further to my article Lymphedema Diagnosis? Some Helpful Alternatives I have put together a good massage oil recipe for lymphedema, for those of you struggling with this condition.

For a good explanation of lymphedema and what it is see reference 1 below.  See also my article above.  One day, modern science will finally come to the conclusion that excising lymph nodes only creates more problems than it cures. In the meantime, while there is no cure for the secondary lymphedema caused by lymph node removal during breast cancer surgery, there are certainly a number of things you can do for yourself to ease the symptoms and severity of it and I discuss many of those options in my article referenced in the first paragraph above.

The focus of today’s post is to share with you a really excellent massage oil recipe which helps to ease the pain and swelling of lymphedema.  Here it is:

Lymphedema Massage Oil

In a dark glass bottle, combine 2 oz/60 ml organic carrier oil (this can be almond, fractionated coconut, olive, or hemp but make sure it’s organic) with 5 drops each of the following medicinal grade essential oils :

Lemon – has antiseptic properties, is excellent for improving microcirculation, and is anti-tumoral (yes I have research on that if you’d like to see it)

Rosemary – has anti-bacterial properties, it improves circulation, helps with liver detoxification

Juniper – cleans the blood of toxins, removes extra water from the body through the urine (natural diuretic), increases circulation

Cypress – reduces inflammation, increases circulation, discourages fluid retention

Copaiba – has antiseptic properties, is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory substances on the planet, helps to reduce pain, is also a gentle diuretic

Place cap on bottle, shake lightly and use this oil daily, massaging it into the affected area. If you would like to work on your body yourself, there’s a good YouTube video that will show you how:

Self-Massage for Upper Extremity Lymphedema

 Just make sure to shake the bottle gently prior to each use to combine the oils.

A Little Info About Essential Oils

Essential oils have long been recognized for their wonderful healing properties and they have been used for centuries. There are many references to essential oils in the ancient Judeo-Christian religious texts. Essential oils are created from a variety of plant constituents including flowers, leaves, roots and bark, and the oils are extracted through specific distillation methods.

Although not oils in the sense that olive oil, almond oil or coconut oils are oils, “essential” oils are termed this because they have the distinctive scent or essence of the plant from which they are derived. They are also essential to life (both ours and the plant’s!).



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