Cancer Genetics BRCA1 and BRCA2 are NO cause for concern

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Today’s topic is going to be really controversial.  But I will repeat myself here: the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are NO cause for concern.

Yes, scientists have spent a lot of time researching mutations in these genes and how they can play a role in breast cancer. But quantum physics is giving us some new answers and the fact that scientific researchers are ignoring what quantum physics has turned up is alarming and tantamount to sticking their heads in the sand like a bunch of ostriches, to say the least. For hundreds of years, Western medicine has been ignoring the reality that our bodies and our minds are connected. The mind (energy) arises from the physical body (matter). Our new understanding of the way things actually work is that the physical body can be affected by the immaterial mind.

Dr Bruce Lipton and the Biology of Belief

In his book, “The Biology of Belief”, Dr Bruce Lipton states, “Thoughts, the mind’s energy, directly influence how the physical brain controls the body’s physiology. Thought ‘energy’ can activate or inhibit the cell’s function-producing proteins…” He goes on to say, “The fact is that harnessing the power of your mind can be more effective than the drugs you have been programmed to believe you need… energy is a more efficient means of affecting matter than chemicals.” Dr Lipton discusses several documented instances where beliefs quite obviously overcame supposed biology – one man who doesn’t believe in germs wolfs down a glass of cholera bacteria and never gets sick, firewalkers who walk across beds of hot coals but never get burned.

You Do Need More Than Just Positive Thinking

Dr Lipton makes it clear in his book that you need more than just positive thinking. There are times when it’s just not enough and the reason that sometimes people who do all the positive thinking they can muster and still fail is because of a battle between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. They are not separate subdivisions of the mind, they are interdependent.

Dr Lipton explains, “The conscious mind is the creative one, the one that can conjure up ‘positive thoughts’. In contrast, the subconscious mind is a repository of stimulus-response tapes derived from instincts and learned experiences. The subconscious mind is strictly habitual; it will play the same behavioral responses to life’s signals over and over again, much to our chagrin.”

For instance, you find the toothpaste tube with the cap off and fly into a rage. Why? Because you were taught from a child to NEVER leave the cap off. That pushes your hot button and you automatically get angry. Dr Lipton states, “When it comes to sheer neurological processing abilities, the subconscious mind is millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind.”

Think of your subconscious mind as a programmable “hard drive” into which our experiences are downloaded. It’s like our “autopilot”, while the conscious mind is our manual control. You can be thinking about a fight you had with your spouse (conscious mind) at the same time as mowing the grass and not cutting your foot off or running over the cat (subconscious mind). Or you can be driving along and having an engaging conversation with someone and suddenly you realize you haven’t paid any attention to where you’re going, but everything is still fine. You didn’t hit anything, you weren’t speeding. Your subconscious mind was in control. Your conscious mind can think forward and backward in time, while the subconscious mind is always operating in the present moment.

Mind Over Matter

Okay, I can hear you asking “What does all this have to do with the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes?” If you BELIEVE you are genetically predisposed to having breast cancer, you will probably, at some time in your life, get it.

For instance, I was always told I had a higher risk of having breast cancer because my mother and grandmother had it. So what happened? I got it too, despite the fact that I resolved (via my conscious mind) to be the woman in our family who didn’t get it. Nobody told my subconscious mind that bit of information apparently.

What about those who are diagnosed with breast cancer and had no genetic predisposition? Or did have the BRCA1 and 2 genes but didn’t know about it and had no family history? It’s hard to say but cancer is a multi-factorial disease. There are so many other factors involved – a toxic environment, toxic thoughts and emotions, high stress levels (just to name a few).

I would definitely urge you to read “The Biology of Belief” and look at the piles of research that the author has included and upon which I have relied to write this article.

Our Beliefs Can Limit Who We Are

Early in life (research suggests it is even happening prior to conception) we acquire beliefs and behaviors from other people, such as parents, friends, teachers, doctors. Have you ever tried to use positive affirmations to change some aspect of your life but failed miserably?

I certainly have. It’s most probable that somewhere along the way, those beliefs you acquired from other people are limiting you – keeping you from being the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest person you would like to be. A person could consciously believe they are quite healthy but at some point in their past may have heard a parent describe them as being “sickly” or “weak”. Quantum theory suggests that the cells of our bodies are listening to our subconscious minds every second of the day, and doing the bidding of that mind.

The Good News Is…

You can reprogram the subconscious mind. You are not stuck with your genes. Let go of unfounded fears. If necessary, try a course in hypnotherapy. Begin to meditate. Also, be aware of the fact that you can also overcome gene mutations using nutrition.  Read my article about the things you can eat that will help to downregulate mutated BRCA1/2 genes. Shift your life wherever possible. Know that the best thing, the healthiest thing possible for you is love.

Beside you in your healing journey,

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