8 Important Things to Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

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After years of studying breast cancer, going through it myself, and talking to doctors and natural therapists, I’m pleased to share my list of 8 Important Things To Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer.

Please, ladies (and men, because men can get breast cancer too) – be proactive here.  Your breast health is in your hands (and your life may very well be).

1.  Limit Alcohol Intake

Many studies have been done and all of the research indicates that drinking alcohol frequently increases your risk of breast cancer.  Apparently, it’s only regular, repeated use that increases the chance of breast cancer. For most women, having a glass of wine or beer on occasion is not a problem.

2. Exercise At Least 3 times Per Week

More exercise is apparently better.  Research shows a decreasing risk of breast cancer as the frequency and duration of physical activity increase. Most studies suggest that 30 to 60 minutes per day of moderate- to high-intensity physical activity is associated with a reduction in breast cancer risk

3.  Deal With Stress Before It Overwhelms You

For me, stress was the underlying factor – the evil Blue Meanie – that I believe was responsible for my breast cancer.  My doctors didn’t agree but I know for myself that if I had dealt with the stressors in my life in a much better fashion, I doubt very much that I would have had to deal with breast cancer.

Most of the women in my support group agreed that in the lead-up to their breast cancer diagnosis, way too much stress was in their lives.  Seek out the calming influence of meditation, you will thank yourself for it!

4.  If You’re Overweight, Do Your Best To Lose It

One of the single biggest risk factors for breast cancer is steady weight gain over the decades of your life.  A recent study done by the National Cancer Institute found that women who gained about a pound a year after age 20 had nearly double the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer.

The average American diet is full of way too many carbohydrates and many experts believe this is the key to our weight gain.  Cut the carbs, and reduce the risk.

5.  Do a Monthly Self-Exam

It’s important to do a monthly self exam, and if you’re menstruating, it’s better to do this one week after your period finishes to eliminate breast tenderness.  If you’re not sure how to do it, CLICK HERE for directions.

6.  Diagnostic Tests After Age 40

Most authorities mandate mammograms after the age of 40, particularly if there’s a family history of breast cancer.  I am not a fan of mammography, mainly because it subjects the breast to possible damage by pressing and by radiation. I prefer a much less invasive diagnostic exam called thermal imaging, or thermography.  See my article Breast Screening Without The Squish!.

7.  Switch to Organics

I believe our environment is way too toxic.  We need to actively stay away from all of the toxic chemicals being put into our body products, makeup, food, household cleaners, etc.  We now have access to beautiful organic cosmetics and skin care products that are safe and effective.  Click here for  information on why to choose organic.

8.  Use Pure Essential Oils Every Day

I’m not allowed to tell you exactly why I use essential oils on my breasts every single day.  Certain government agencies will not allow us to make specific health claims.  But read between the lines here, folks.  I recommend essential oils for a very good reason.  See my page Essential Oils For Overall Health and Specific Health Problems to see which oils are the best.

I hope you found this list informative and useful!  I will keep you informed as other items come to light.

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