10 Years Cancer Free And Thriving!

Me at Coogee Beach, Western Australia, this week

Me at Coogee Beach, Western Australia, this week

I have been thinking about this cancer-versary for quite some time, and especially once I started this website.  I always knew I’d get here, I just wasn’t sure what “here” would look like.  Or feel like.  I’m here to share with you that it feels pretty darned wonderful, and as far as what it looks like, you can be the judge of that.

The journey hasn’t been an easy one, nor was it meant to be.  One of my subscribers today described her cancer as her personal 2×4 up-side the head to get her to see that what she was doing wasn’t working.  It was like that (in many ways) for me too.  But the things I’ve learned along the way!  The people I’ve met!  Wonderful, really.  I have truly been blessed.

A Visit With My Naturopath

Yesterday I went to see my naturopath, the very talented and dedicated Val Allen of the Perth Natural Medicine Clinic.  I am so fortunate to be her patient, she is the most gifted naturopath and her real forte is iridology.  She can see just by looking into the iris of the eye with her specialized equipment exactly what is going on within the body with such detail!  She pronounced me very healthy and strong, everything I am doing is working to keep me extremely well.

I know someone will ask, so I will share the things that I feel have contributed most to my present level of wellness.  It was not any ONE particular thing, rather, a blend of things.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Meditation – Meditation helps me to calm down my overactive brain and to slow down and reflect on what’s important.  My favorite sort of meditation is a visualization of a healing energy that surrounds me, envelops me and heals me from the inside out.
  2. Nutrition – Learning about what to eat and not to eat is a continual process as new research comes to light.  It is an ever-evolving smorgasbord of nutraceuticals, healthy food (and sometimes not-so-healthy because we are human after all!) and juicing that contributes to my every day health.  As I coach my people, it’s what you do 95% of the time that makes the difference, don’t worry about the 5%, just enjoy it.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.
  3. Exercise – My daily yoga practice also evolves.  Sometimes I need to add in certain stretches and drop others that no longer serve me.  I know yoga is doing wonderful things for every system of my body and keeps me well in ways I don’t even understand.
  4. Helping Others – Getting out of my head and my problems by helping others through health challenges is probably what gets me out of bed every morning.  Breast cancer, sadly, shows no signs of slowing down.  I had one smart lady subscribe to my information this week, saying she wants to get on top of her health before she has a wake-up call.  Smart indeed.
  5. Positive Attitude – Keeping a positive attitude is not always easy, especially if you have family members who are NOT positive with whom you must associate.  It is so worth cultivating, however.  A positive attitude helps keep you strong in the face of adversity, it gives you skills that will serve you well every day of your life.  Research is showing that people who have predominantly negative emotions are completely unable to see the other options and choices that surround them.  I believe that an open, positive mind creates a strong, healthy body.
  6. Loving Friendships – Having friends upon whom you can rely to listen to your worries and cares, to be there when you need them, to love you no matter what… priceless.

My mother, circa 1949

Another Sort Of Anniversary

Today, March 25, 2014, is also the 16th anniversary of my mother passing into the spirit world.  As you will know, if you’ve been reading this blog, I lost her to breast cancer that had metastasized to her bones in 1998.  My mother, Marjorie Clymer, was generous and warm-hearted, a wonderful mother.  She certainly didn’t deserve to leave when she did but I’ve made my peace with that.  She taught me a lot about life and about love.  I just miss her sorely and I wish she could meet her great-grandchildren.

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