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Move forward with a holistic healing plan and feel better in a lot less time (with a lot less worry, anxiety and confusion). 


I’m so glad we have connected! If you’re feeling worried, scared, perplexed, confused – whatever it is, I get it! I’ve been there, too.

You don’t have to go through this alone, I’m here for you as your guide. Any questions?  Just ask me, don’t be shy!  I’m here for you.  This is all about you and your journey and I’m honoured to walk with you on that journey – I will help you as much or as little as you like.


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Also, if you’re on Facebook, I have two pages that might interest you. The first one is called Marnie Clark Breast Health Coach – in that one I post daily with articles from my website, inspirational things, breast cancer news and research – all kinds of useful things to help you through your journey. The link to that page is here.

The second one is a private group called Toxic Free Thrivers – that is a more interactive group where members can ask questions (and you can do that on the first one too) and it’s all about natural medicine. I originally set it up for people who wanted to heal using only natural medicine but then I got a few requests from people who’d already been through the gamut of conventional therapies and wanted to know how to move forward more naturally. So I opened it up to everyone who wanted that information. It’s a group of loving people, so feel free to join that one. The link to request to join Toxic Free Thrivers is here.

I’m also on YouTube – I have loads of helpful videos there which might answer some questions for you:  www.youtube.com/MarnieClarkBreastCancerCoach

Beside you in the healing journey,


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What’s Next?…

1:1 Breast Cancer & Nutrition Coaching

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m delving into the research on breast cancer every single day. I talk with and coach women (and men) going through breast cancer every day. I went through breast cancer myself in 2004 and co-led a breast cancer support group for two years.

What my clients are sharing with me is that I helped them move forward with a holistic healing plan and feeling better in a lot less time (and with a lot less worry, anxiety and confusion) than it would have taken them to put together their own plan.

Toxic Free Me Online Course

As a breast cancer coach, one of the things I am asked most frequently by women going through the journey is how to get through it with a minimum of damage to their bodies, and their psyche; in other words, how best to survive and give themselves the best chances of recurrence-free survival — especially without the use of hormone inhibiting drugs. 

In order to answer that need, I put together a comprehensive “how-to” course called “Toxic Free Me”. 

Change Your Life Meditation Course

When I was going through breast cancer, one of the things I became aware of quite quickly was that badly managed stress was very much involved in why I got sick. Of course, it wasn’t the only reason, but I believe that this stress undermined my immune system to a significant degree. So one of the first things I felt I must do is learn meditation so I could better handle that stress and then the anxiety of having a breast cancer diagnosis.

This self study course has the power to change your life!