The Power of Prayer When You Have Cancer


The Power of Prayer When You Have Cancer

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The Power of Prayer When You Have Cancer

I’ve never particularly religious person, but I have always believed in prayer.  As a small child, I used to pray that I wouldn’t have bad dreams, because they scared me.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve turned to prayer more frequently and especially when I was going through breast cancer.

How Prayer Assisted Me

I had an interesting thing happen to me in the early stages of diagnosis and surgery.  I was contemplating going into the hospital for my lumpectomy surgery and, never having been in the hospital for anything other than childbirth, I was pretty nervous about it.  I decided it might be a good idea to ask my friends to pray for me in the hour prior to the scheduled surgery.  I sent out an email to friends across the world, knowing that they would want to help however they could.

On the morning of my surgery, as my husband and my best friend kept me company in the hospital room to which I’d been assigned, I was calm and grounded, I did some yoga while I waited, and then I almost felt uplifted, surrounded by love.  It was really quite amazing and still brings tears to my eyes as I remember it.  I looked at the clock and realized it was the time I’d asked my friends to pray for me.  My surgery went smoothly and I healed quickly.

If you are going through cancer, please know that you have this wonderful resource available to you and your friends, regardless of their religious feelings, will most likely be glad to help you this way.  Don’t be shy to ask them for their prayers.

A Beautiful Quote

When I was going through breast cancer, I did a lot of soul searching and one of the books that really helped me was Iyanla Vanzant’s “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up”.  It’s a beautifully written book, she is so wise, and she had this to say about prayer:

“The language of prayer, whether it is done in supplication (asking for something) or affirmation (declaring that something is already done) helps to bring the mental, physical and emotional bodies into alignment.  These bodies, commonly referred to as mind, body and spirit, ignite the energy of the Divine when they are in alignment… This energy is within us… What we pray for, we already have, but in most cases we are not aware of it… When we pray, we are asking for the intervention of Spirit on our behalf or on behalf of someone else.  Spiritual intervention is always a divine win-win situation that will unfold in a divine manner according to divine will.”

I certainly believe this to be true.  One interesting thing I’ve learned about prayer is that you sometimes need to give up any preconceived notions about how you think things ought to pan out and just be open to what does occur.  Let go of the process and just know that the infinite wisdom of the Divine will manifest and the power of miracles will unfold a perfect solution and healing for everyone involved.

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8 Crucial Things to Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

8 Crucial Things to Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

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8 Crucial Things to Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

Anyone going through chemotherapy will know that there is a diverse range of side effects, ranging from mild to severe, and some are quite disruptive to your quality of life, hence today’s article.

I went through breast cancer in 2004 and although I initially chose not to have chemotherapy, a few things factored into my decision and led me to believe it would be beneficial for me so I went through 6 months of various chemotherapy drugs.  I have to say that the anti-nausea pills that are prescribed these days do a remarkably good job. I never once vomited during the entire 6 months of my chemotherapy regimen – that really surprised me!  I managed to stay incredibly well during the entire process and I’d like to share my list of the things that helped me the most.

Quite possibly you may have different results but if even only one thing on the list helps you, I’ll be happy with that result!

Here’s my list of the 8 crucial things that helped me reduce chemotherapy side effects:

1.  Meditation & Positive Thinking – the first thing I had to do was to quit thinking about the chemotherapy in a negative light – like it was something to be scared of.  I worked hard on this and managed to come up with a meditation that I would do each time I sat down for the treatment (if you’d like to sign up for my newsletters, I’ll share the exact meditation I did with you).  I envisioned the drugs entering my system as being a healing golden or white light (use a color that works for you personally) that moved through my entire body and eradicated any little weakling of a cancer cell (also important to think of the cancer cells as weak and easily overcome by the chemotherapy).  This was a very calming thing to do and helped with anxiety.

2. Juicing of Organic Fruit & Vegetables – I juiced in the morning before my chemotherapy appointments (and every morning afterward too) and took the juice with me in a stainless steel thermos.  I sipped it once I’d finished my meditation.  My favorite was a combination of carrot, beet (a potent anti-cancer veggie), apple and ginger.  Fresh ginger helps a lot with nausea and adds a spicy zest to the juice.  You don’t need too much, just about a 1″ knob of it.  I juiced every morning – for more information on the best things to juice, go to my page Diet and Cancer

3.  Supplementation – Certain supplements can actually increase the effectiveness of your chemotherapy, reduce the toxicity of it and help you to sail through chemotherapy without too much trouble. Contact me if you’d like a list of them.

4. Yoga and Walking – it is so important to keep moving!  If you’re tired, just slow down and do what you can.  Movement therapy helps you to detox, it helps your state of mind, it even helps constipation.

5.  Acupuncture   Believe it or not, acupuncture can help to reduce the side effects and toxicity of the chemotherapy. It can also help to reduce the chances of suffering with chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN). If you begin your course of acupuncture at around the same time as you commence chemotherapy, it has the absolute best protective effect for your nerves.

6. The Power of Prayer – don’t underestimate this!  Tell your friends when you’re going for each dose of chemotherapy and have them spend 5 minutes actively saying a prayer for you to coincide with your appointment time.  You will be amazed at how uplifted you feel.  Powerful stuff.  I did this prior to surgery too.

7.  Laughter – I had a best friend who’d take along some kind of gag gift or joke book or something silly – she’d get the whole place chuckling.  Laughter is good medicine!

8. Massage or Reiki – get some bodywork regularly.  It makes a huge difference to how you feel when going through chemotherapy.

The combination of these 8 things got me through 6 months of chemotherapy with a minimum of side effects and problems.  I hope this helps you!

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