Using Visualization To Calm Anxiety in Trying Times

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During these trying times, it is easy to feel a sense of rising anxiety, even fear. It feels like the world has gone mad.

While fear is a reasonable response to what is going on in the world, I would encourage you not to stay in that place for too long. It has detrimental effects on your immune system, and what you need right now is a highly functioning and strong immune system.

The rapidly growing field of psychoneuroimmunology shows us very clearly that stress and a continual barrage of negative thoughts weaken the immune system. See this article from the American Psychological Association about how stress affects immunity.

One extremely beneficial way to boost immunity – one that costs you nothing other than time – is the use of meditation and visualization.

Meditation helps your immune system do its job better. There’s even an article about that on Deepak Chopra’s website. Here’s the link.

To get you started, I am sharing my absolutely favorite white light visualization – I used this daily instead of going through radiation treatments (after I finished six months of chemotherapy, I already felt so toxic, I knew my body wouldn’t handle much more). I don’t recommend that you do the same, I am merely sharing this visualization because it’s such a wonderful remedy for heightened anxiety, fear, and depression. I always feel better after doing this visualization, and I hope it helps you to feel better, as well.

I hope you enjoy it. If you want to save it to your hand-held device, you should be able to right-click on it and do that.

Marnie’s Healing White Light Visualization

If you are interested in learning meditation but don’t have access to nearby classes, I have created a how-to course that you can enjoy without leaving your house. More information here.

Beside you in the healing journey,

Going Through Treatments? How To Feel Better Fast.

Photo courtesy of / Tou Touke

Image Source: / Tou Touke

Going Through Treatments?  How To Feel Better Fast.

One of the things I needed badly when going through breast cancer was a list of ways to feel better fast.  Why a list? 

Because when you’re going through the treatments for breast cancer, let’s face it – your brain is pretty fuzzy, you can’t think clearly (it’s commonly known as “chemobrain”).  So I made a list of all of the things that made me feel better because, quite honestly, I couldn’t think of them when I needed them the most!

Making A “Feel Better” List

My “feel better” list included getting a massage, inhaling some of my favorite, healing essential oils, listening to particular CDs for their calming music, talking to my best friend, going for a walk, taking a nap, eating really healthy food (because that always makes you feel better), but most of all, meditation.  Meditation was (and still is) the one thing that makes me feel better fast.

When you are putting together your “feel better” list, use a nice thick marker and print the feel better suggestions as clearly as possible.  Post the list where you can see it – on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator door – don’t make yourself have to hunt for it because you won’t be in the mood.

Some Help From Author Paul Wilson: Instant Calm

In his book “Instant Calm”, author Paul Wilson discusses what he calls applied suggestion.  He says that if you can tell you’re feeling lousy, especially if you say it a few times and persuasively enough, nothing can be surer than you’re going to feel lousy.  “If you keep on telling yourself positive things, calming things, then you will achieve them… More powerful still is visual suggestion.  If you can  see these positive things… calming things… and you can see yourself participating in them, then you are certainly well down the track towards achieving them. “

Mr Wilson goes on to say that applied suggestion must be accepted by the subconscious to transform it into reality.  That’s where meditation helps.  To be accepted by the subconscious, your suggestion should be in harmony with your subconscious beliefs.  To make it powerful, wording must be in the present tense, simple and positive (“More and more, I am discovering that I am feeling better, I am radiantly healthy.”). 

Doing meditation regularly with affirmations (the applied suggestion mentioned by author Paul Wilson) is quite powerful.  Repetition encourages a suggestion or affirmation into being. 

For long-term affirmations and goals to be optimally effective, Mr Wilson advises to repeat your affirmation at least ten times per day to yourself.  See my article Creating Positive Affirmations That Work for more information on how to create the most powerful positive affirmations.

Meditation Help

When I was going through breast cancer, the one thing I couldn’t seem to find was a nice guided meditation for cancer patients that would lead me through some calming visualizations and help me to focus on getting healthier.  Oh, there were all kinds of meditation CDs available and I tried most of them, but most of them seemed to have some fatal flaw, something that drove me crazy – either the background music was awful, or the person’s voice was annoying… so I recently decided to create my own how-to-meditate course, called Change Your Life Meditation Course.  I created it just for you, click the link to find out more.  I’d love to help you feel better fast.

If you would like my help with getting through breast cancer in an inspiring and ultra-healthy way, please sign up for my free e-newsletters and e-book on the right, or “like” me on Facebook (Marnie Clark Breast Health Coach).  It is my honor and my goal to help you through this so that you emerge from breast cancer feeling better than before, thriving!

Using Visualization to Heal Yourself

Photo courtesy of and adamr

Photo courtesy of and adamr

I know there are people out there who are laughing – they believe that using visualization to heal yourself is just plain crazy.

I’m here to tell you IT WORKS.  When I had breast cancer in 2004, once I began adding visualization to my passive meditation sessions (they are two very different things) I really began to feel changes were being made.

About Visualization

Visualization (also called guided imagery or creative visualization) is the technique of focusing your imagination on something you would like to have occur in your life. For  you, it may be healing from breast cancer.  For someone else, it may be simply lowering blood pressure or relieving stress or improving a golf game.

How I Used Visualization

When I was undergoing chemotherapy, I used an affirmation that described the chemotherapy in very positive terms and that was great, but I wanted to take it a step further.  I read Ian Gawler’s book “You Can Conquer Cancer” and began to realize that visualization was the missing component for me.  I wanted to harness the power of my mind in order to help the chemotherapy drugs work.  I knew that my body would heal itself automatically once the right conditions were provided.

Besides Ian Gawler’s book, I also grabbed a copy of “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain.  This book was written to help you use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life.  I highly recommend it.

A Healing Visualization For You

Today I’m sharing my favorite healing visualization – I used one very similar to this.  I’d suggest you record your own voice reading it, because the cells of your body recognize your voice and that’s much better than you listening to me read this out.

To begin, turn off your phone!  Sit or lie down.  Breathe deeply (and it helps to breathe in essential oils of basil or frankincense to open the brain further).  Relax.  Start focusing on your feet – tell them to relax.  Then work your way up your body, focusing on each part and telling it to relax.  Consciously let go of any tension you may be holding.  Feel the tension dissolving  – let it go.

Here are the words to record (slowly, giving yourself time to experience the sensations):

Imagine a beautiful, shimmering, golden light.  This light is a gift to you from the Divine.

Feel this healing golden light surrounding your body.

Sense it…… enjoy the sensation of the golden light surrounding you.

Bring the golden light into the area of your body that needs healing.

Surround that part of your body in the healing, golden light. 

Really allow the golden light to penetrate that area of your body.


You might be aware of some emotions coming through.

Acknowledge them, breathe.  Then let them go.

Picture the diseased area dissolving – the golden light is carrying it away.

Now shine this beautiful golden light into each part of your body.

Take your time with this.  Allow the golden light to do its work.

(Pause for 3-4 minutes here)

Now imagine yourself in natural, perfect health. 

See yourself taking part in activities you love, and feeling well, being active and healthy.

Breathe and enjoy the vision of yourself, happy and healthy.

Do this visualization each time you are receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and also take time out every single day to practice visualization.


Don’t think this will work?  This might change your mind.  I have a friend who was diagnosed with a particularly nasty form of lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system.  He was told to go home and get his affairs in order.  He did that, but he also changed his life quite a bit.  He became a vegetarian, started juicing regularly and while that helped him quite a bit, the one thing that he knows cured him of his “uncurable” cancer was meditation and visualization.  In the initial phases of his disease, he would carve out 3 one-hour sessions every day where he just sat and meditated and used visualization to heal himself.  He is still with us today, 16 years later, thriving and healthy and disease-free.

There are plenty of testimonials on visualization in various books and internet sites.  Many Olympic athletes attribute their success in winning medals to visualizing exactly what they are going to do and then doing it.

A Helpful Affirmation For You To Post

Along with the above visualization, it would help for you to post this particular affirmation, written by Shakti Gawain, in places you can see it – the refrigerator door, the dashboard of your car, your bathroom mirror:












When you read these words, imagine yourself surrounded with golden healing light.

I have also created a how-to-meditate course for you, it’s called the “Change Your Life Meditation Course“.  I did this because so many of my readers live in small towns where meditation classes are non-existent, and I truly believe in the power of the mind to help you heal.

If you’d like to stay connected, sign up for my free e-newsletters on the right, or “like” me on Facebook ( and I’ll do my utmost to keep you informed and empowered on your healing journey… and beyond.


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