Your Man Reminder – Fun Breast Self Examination App

New Breast Self Examination Reminder App from Rethink Breast Cancer – Your Man Reminder

I have seen some really useful apps for smart phones recently, but one in particular called “Your Man Reminder” from Rethink Breast Cancer piqued my interest (for obvious reasons).  It features some very nice looking young men reminding you to do your monthly breast self examination.  I’m not exactly convinced that he shows enough thoroughness with regard to the physical checking, but it is a good reminder to do it. 

Check out the video they made (just might want to ignore the umm… interesting dancing at the end!):

Rethink Breast Cancer is a Canadian based  advocacy group started in 2011. 

From the Rethink Breast Cancer website: “Rethink is the first-ever, Canadian breast cancer charity to bring bold, relevant awareness to the under-40 crowd; foster a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters; infuse sass and style into the cause; and, most importantly, respond to the unique needs of young (or youngish) women going through it.  No pink ribbons required.”

I love that, especially the last bit.  The app is available for free on iTunes and Android.

The Rethink Breast Cancer website has some great information about healthy food, prevention tips, some inspirational posts by young survivors of breast cancer, and they have fundraising events and ways to get involved.  It looks like a good resource, they are doing good work over there.  Here’s a link to their blog:

As you may know, I’m all about prevention and welcome young women to my site and to my free newsletters and e-books to empower themselves with information on how to prevent breast cancer, and/or prevent recurrences.  If you are interested in receiving that information, you can sign up for them on the right-hand side of this page, and/or “like” me on Facebook (  It is my honor and my goal to help you through this so that you emerge from breast cancer feeling better than before, thriving!

Problems With Fluoride? You BET!

Photo courtesy of and Artzenter

Photo courtesy of and Artzenter

Are There Problems With Fluoride?  You Bet There Are!

One of the things I discovered when I was going through breast cancer in 2004 was that we are creating health problems with fluoride – we should NOT be fluoridating our water.

One of my chief concerns about it are that it accumulates in our bodies and there are numerous health studies indicating that it is creating increased incidence of thyroid problems, skin rashes, dental fluorosis, cancer, and many other conditions.

I found the anti-fluoride argument so compelling, I bought a shower filter and sold our outdoor hot tub.  Whenever I am at the dentist and they want to give me a fluoride treatment, I politely refuse and tell them about the video below.  I think they believe I’m slightly crazy, but I don’t care.

An Inconvenient Tooth

Don’t take my word for it though.  The absolute best way for you to learn about the problems with fluoride is via this You Tube video, “An Inconvenient Tooth”.  It is two hours and 49 minutes long and it will require a high level of dedication and curiosity for you to listen to the whole thing.  If you just want to learn the basics, though, please at least listen to the first man speaking, Paul Connett, who is a chemistry professor and Executive Director of the Fluoride Action Network.  I also thought Daniel Stockin (he’s on from 1:44 – 2:21) was particularly compelling, he’s an ex-Environmental Protection Agency worker.  Also, pay close attention to David Biles, a dentist who had a hard time believing the anti-fluoridation movement until he looked at the science, he’s on from 35:18 – 46:28.

Listen to it while you’re paying your bills, surfing your Facebook feed, driving somewhere.  But listen to it.  PLEASE.  It’s important, your health may depend on it.

3 Ways to Make a Difference

Once you have watched the video and are ready to take the next step to end fluoridated water, here’s what you can do.

1.  Check out  Read their page 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation.  Please sign their on-line petition to end fluoridation by clicking on “Take Action” at the top of the page.  I did.

2.  Vote with your purchases – stop buying toothpaste with fluoride (and a whole host of other toxic chemicals) in it.  For healthier toothpaste alternatives, go to my page “Useful Links” and click on Cosmetics and Body Products – Safe, Organic.  Or go to your local health food store and find something without fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate in it.

3.  Buy a water filter if you live in a part of the world where your water is fluoridated (it is in the United States, Ireland, Australia, United Kindom and Canada, and a handful of other countries) install a whole house filter, or at the very least filter your drinking water and your showering water.  Which brand do I recommend?  Go to my “Useful Links” page and click on Shower Filters (toward the bottom of the page).  If you are not in the USA, contact me for recommendations in your country.

If you would like my help with getting through breast cancer in an inspiring and ultra-healthy way, please sign up for my free e-newsletters and e-book on the right, or “like” me on Facebook (  It is my honor and my goal to help you through this so that you emerge from breast cancer feeling better than before, thriving!

What You Need to Know About Chemicals and Cancer

Photo courtesy of / adamr

Photo courtesy of / adamr

Chemicals and Cancer

One of the things I try to achieve with this website is to teach about how toxic chemicals are present in our everyday products and things we encounter and how they can be increasing our cancer risk and acting as hormone disruptors.

Last May, the New York Times ran an op-ed article written by Nicholas D Kristof (an American journalist and winner of two Pulitzer prizes) titled “How Chemicals Change Us” and in the article Mr Kristof discusses how chemicals that act as hormone disruptors are increasingly causing havoc both in our environment and our health.  It’s a must-read article.

Beware Thermal Receipts

I learned a couple of new things in the article, for instance, I wasn’t aware that those thermal receipts that come out of gas pumps and ATM machines have endocrine disruptors in them!  For more info on this, check out this article: BPA Is Found In Paper Receipts which ran in the New York Times Green Blog in November 2011.  According to this article, “In the thermal receipts now routinely given out by stores, BPA is often used as a color developer for the printing dye.  Such receipts have a thermal-sensitive layer that, when heated, produces color. Beyond cash register receipts, high levels of BPA are also often present in the thermal paper used to make baggage destination tags, cigarette filters, and bus, train and lottery tickets.

Disturbing, to say the least!

We Are Rapidly Becoming Paranoid Label Readers

Are we going to have to wear rubber gloves at the gas pump and ATM?  Or when we buy a lottery ticket?  I know a couple of people who keep disposable gloves in their car so that when they are pumping fuel they don’t absorb any petrochemicals.  I don’t even think they know about the thermal receipts. 

The whole idea of having to be so paranoid about every little thing we encounter bothers me greatly.  Why can’t we get our (so-called) regulatory agencies to ban bisphenol-A (aka BPA) from being used by industries which create our food packaging, our body products and, well, basically anything that comes into contact with human bodies?  That would be the most practical thing to do.  Rather than that, however, we are becoming paranoid label-readers and Internet researchers, having to inspect absolutely everything we come into contact with and hoping that somewhere down the road that bottle of ketchup or face powder isn’t going to kill us.

I recently wrote an article titled Toxic Chemicals Found in Babies – 8 Ways to Protect Them (And You) about the prevalence of BPA in our lives.  My main aim is to raise awareness and get you to take action and not only stop using the products made by companies that just don’t care about our health but to speak out and get our various governments to make them stop using chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors.

If you’re not an activist, don’t worry.  You don’t have to march around with a sign, just vote with your money.  Don’t buy the products from companies who don’t care about our health, and support the companies who do care.  If you want to know who the good guys and bad guys are, contact me.

If you would like my help with getting through breast cancer in an inspiring and ultra-healthy way, please sign up for my free e-newsletters and e-book on the right, or “like” me on Facebook (  It is my honor and my goal to help you through this so that you emerge from breast cancer feeling better than before, thriving!

Must-Watch Video Slams Government Agency – Declares War On Health


Photo courtesy of and Danilo Rizzuti

Photo courtesy of and Danilo Rizzuti

Anyone who enjoys taking natural health supplements and the freedom to choose what they take should check out this must-watch video “War on Health”.

It’s a long one – 57 minutes – but I think it’s absolutely crucial that everyone know that our government regulatory agencies are NOT looking out for our best interests (“callous disregard” was one of the terms that was used in the video).

Of particular interest to me was the information about vaccines – it’s about 22 minutes into the video – be sure to check that out, but please pay close attention to all that is being presented here.  Our lives may depend on it.

The video is on the Life Extension website – CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

So what can we do about this?  Well, for one thing, don’t be a sheep and blindly follow.  Arm yourself with information.  Sign petitions.  Demand the right to use the natural products that are helping you.  Ask questions.  Push back.  Be skeptical.  GET MAD!  Most importantly, ask your representative to present legislation that will dismantle these agencies and recreate regulatory agencies that actually serve us.  And please go to and become a health freedom activist (it’s free).

If you would like my help with getting through breast cancer in an inspiring and ultra-healthy way, please sign up for my free e-newsletters on the right, or “like” me on Facebook (  It is my honor and my goal to help you through this.


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