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Great Cancer Forum Offers Advice for Reducing Stress


Great Cancer Forum Offers Advice for Reducing Stress
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Great Cancer Forum Offers Advice for Reducing Stress

One of the things that people going through cancer tell me is that their stress levels are sky high.  And no wonder – between the diagnosis no one wants to get, the treatments that you need to find time for, and the side effects of said treatments, stress levels go right through the roof.

The American Cancer Society has a great forum you can join – it’s called What Next – and they really do a great job of helping cancer patients deal with all of the things that happen to them.

I’m a member of What Next and I’m really impressed by the quality of answers people receive when they ask questions, it’s a really helpful resource for the newly diagnosed.  It’s also a great place to offer help if you’re community minded.  Got a question?  Just post it and see what follows – it might not be immediate, but you will get answers.

They recently posted an article titled Reducing Stress From Your Life written by Rob Harris, founder of, a website written for caregivers.  I loved what he had to say about stress, and the five tips he gives to reduce your stress levels.  Please read the article, especially if you’re going through a stressful time.  It’s excellent advice.

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Breast Cancer Forums – Remarkable Support

Breast Cancer Forums Remarkable Support
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Breast Cancer Forums – Remarkable Support

One of the first things I recommend to a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient is to join a breast cancer forum online or a local support group.

There is just nothing better than being able to connect with others who have a similar diagnosis or have already traveled through the gauntlet of breast cancer treatments.  There is a wealth of information out there just waiting to help you out!

For myself, I found a support group invaluable.  We met twice a month and someone was always there with a welcoming smile, a sympathetic ear and hugs.  Oh, and cups of tea and cookies (always nice!).  If I had anything at all bothering me, there were several who’d been down that road and had suggestions on how to get through it.  Wonderful!

One Word of Caution

As with any group of people, you might run across one or two who take great delight in telling you exactly how bad you’re going to feel when going through chemotherapy (in great detail), or how their doctor misdiagnosed them, twice, but my suggestion is to just steer clear of the Negative Nancies (because they’re out there!) and do your best to take away only the positive messages, the ones that help you the most.

When You Get Through This

The best part is that some day, when you’ve gotten through your own personal journey with cancer, you’ll be able to help someone else who is newly diagnosed.  There will be somebody who’s just as scared, nervous, stressed out or badly in need of hope as you were and you’ll be able to tell them what helped you through it.

There’s no better feeling than to help someone else.  Books have been written on the subject  of volunteering and how good it is not only for the person being helped but for the helper as well.

I have a cartoon that sits over my computer, it’s the Family Circus written by Bil Keane.  A father is looking down at his daughter and she says to him “Know what’s a good exercise, Daddy?  Reaching down and liftin’ somebody up.”  I couldn’t agree more.

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