Artwork courtesy of and 89 Studio

Artwork courtesy of and 89 Studio


I am reading a fabulous book at the moment – “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R Covey.  It’s ultra inspiring and teaches you how YOU create your life.

Stephen R Covey is one of my mentors and I very much appreciate his ability to motivate and inspire us with his well-chosen words of wisdom.

I was particularly inspired today by Covey’s suggestion that we develop a personal mission statement, philosophy or creed and the reason I appreciated it so much is that we often don’t do this.  To clarify your goals for your life – to set them down in writing and then to focus on them and live by them is one of the most empowering things you can do.

I would challenge you – on this Easter weekend – to create your own personal mission statement.  The following mission statement is an excerpt from Stephen Covey’s book, written from a female standpoint:

  • “I will seek to balance career and family as best I can since both are important to me.
  • My home will be a place where I and my family, friends, and guests find joy, comfort, peace, and happiness.  Still I will seek to create a clean and orderly environment, yet livable and comfortable.  I will exercise wisdom in what we choose to eat, read, see, and do at home.  I especially want to teach my children to love, to learn, and to laugh – and to work and develop their unique talents.
  • I value the rights, freedoms, and responsibilities of our democratic society.  I will be a concerned and informed citizen, involved in the political process to ensure my voice is heard and my vote is counted.
  • I will be a self-starting individual who exercises initiative in accomplishing my life’s goals.  I will act on situations and opportunities, rather than to be acted upon.
  • I will always try to keep myself free from addictive and destructive habits.  I will develop habits that free me from old labels and limits and expand my capabilities and choices.
  • My money will be my servant, not my master.  I will seek financial independence over time.  My wants will be subject to my needs and my means.  Except for long-term home and car loans, I will seek to keep myself free from consumer debt.  I will spend less than I earn and regularly save or invest part of my income.
  • Moreover, I will use what money and talents I have to make life more enjoyable for others through service and charitable giving.”

Isn’t that great?  I know I usually write an article about something related to breast cancer, but this blog is all about empowering yourself and I found this mission statement to be wonderfully empowering.  I wish to add one more paragraph to the above:

  • I will seek and and be worthy of divine assistance, maintain a positive attitude, keep a sense of humor, and if I find that I have regrets and emotional baggage, I will do everything within my power to free myself from their chains so that I can be the very best person I am capable of being.

Have a fabulous Easter weekend. 

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