incredible gift of gratitude

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The Incredible Gift of Gratitude

I don’t know about you, but I don’t wake up every day thinking it’s going to be a great day.  Some days, I am just not feelin’ the love!  In fact, some days, more than anything I just want want to hide out under my sheets.  Fortunately, that doesn’t happen to me very often.  When it does, though, I usually go to my shelf of inspirational books and find one that resonates with me on that day.

Which is how I came to today’s topic: Gratitude.  The book I picked up was “Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy” by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  It’s one of my favorite books and often helps me to get out of an undesirable place in my head.  I was feeling trapped in a place of lack – you know what I mean, that place where you hunger for more (whether it be more money, more love, more peace, more work…).  The book offered me this bit of advice and I wish to share it with you today.

When we surrender our desire for MORE of whatever it is we are wishing for and begin to be grateful for whatever we have and truly appreciate all of our blessings, we are really opening our eyes to what’s around us.

It helps to make an inventory of your life’s assets: your work, your health, your partner, your friends, your pets, a roof over your head, the food on the table.  Think about how each blesses your life.  Grow your list from there: the flowers in your garden, the way chocolate melts on your tongue, or how the beach sand squeaks beneath your bare toes.  Once I traveled to a place where running water inside the home was a luxury most couldn’t afford, so I even include “running water” on my list of blessings!  Notice and appreciate each day’s gifts, then pause for a moment and give thanks for them.

Sarah Ban Breathnach reminds us: “Know that your personal net worth cannot possibly be determined by your bank account balance.  Be open to exchanging your need for emotional and financial security for serenity.”

May you feel the serenity and gratitude of this perfect day.

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