Have You Heard About Boobstagram?

While I’m not sure that showing your boobs on the Internet is actually going to be a good vehicle to raise breast cancer awareness, it certainly does create a buzz, especially among the male members of our species.

Working off the tagline “showing your boobs on the web is good, showing them to your doctor is better”, Boobstagram is the campaign of two Frenchmen,  Julien GLT and Lionel Pourtau, who have gone to great lengths (and I’m sure the research was painful… NOT!) to compile thousands of Instagrams of women’s bosoms.

I checked out their website and while not overwhelming with information about exactly HOW Boobstagram was going to accomplish their main goal other than through photographs and social media, I did like some of what they had to say:

“By using this approach and by targeting young people, those most comfortable with new technologies and most comfortable with unconventional messages, we attempt to raise awareness amongst those who must change their behaviour today, in order to change their future tomorrow.”

I’m not sure what they mean about changing “their behaviour” – it would be good to know what they had in mind there. Looks like they had some fun putting the site together though.

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