Stress Hits An All-Time High – Here’s Some Relief

Photo courtesy of and imagerymajestic

Photo courtesy of and imagerymajestic

Everywhere I go this week, I’m running into people that are stressed.  And it’s only Monday!

For those of you who are stressed out, I put together this article today with some things that I hope will help.

There are some nice You Tube videos (links below) that will help you de-stress.

This first one features pressure points on your hands and collar bone that you can press to help relieve stress (they actually work):

Here’s one called How to Meditate in a Moment:

Here’s an hour worth of “Ocean Chill-Out Music” guaranteed to bring the stress down a few notches (skip the ad):

Here’s a great one called “How to Calm Down in 10 Seconds”:

I feel better already just doing the research and finding the videos.  Hope it helps you too!

Remember to breathe.  And smile.  Everyone will wonder what you’re up to.

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Healing Your Body Can Be a Full-Time Job: 6 Tips to Ease You Into It

Healing Your Body Can Be a Full-Time Job

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Healing your body when you are trying to overcome any major illness can be a full-time job in itself and one you never asked for.  Juicing, meditation, a doctor’s visit, yoga, a handful of supplements, family duties, cooking, and possibly even squeezing in a few hours of work can lead to a major case of overwhelm.

What To Do With A Case Of “The Overwhelms”

How on earth is one supposed to manage it all without completely losing it or making yourself sicker than you already are?  One option is to ignore the requisite self-care and go on with life as usual.  This may work for some, but usually not for very long.  Another option is to try to do it all at once, but there’s more than a good chance of getting overwhelmed from all of your healing tasks along with your family and career obligations.

When I was healing up from surgery for breast cancer, I was extremely fortunate that I had a good network of friends who helped me a little with cooking and cleaning so that my husband could go out and work and keep the household afloat.  Once I was healed, however, and everyone went back to their normal lives I did go through a case of overwhelming “HOW DO I DO ALL OF THIS?”.   I did eventually find a way between overwhelm and completely ignoring my illness.  I found a way that honors the healing process without having it consume or define your life. Here are some of those lessons.

1. Begin slowly. While you might be tempted to try all of the healing methods you are interested in at once, I don’t advise that.  For one thing, you won’t know which one is working the best!  Instead, start with the thing that you know in your heart will help you the most.  Build up to a few more things.  Start with juicing or meditation and see how you do with them.  Then you can add yoga or Reiki or some form of bodywork later on.  Baby steps for now.

2.  Know that self-care is a project.  It might not be where you want to be in your life at this moment, but put it on your list of things to do.  Not just doctor’s appointments but everything – juicing, essential oils, yoga, reading – everything you consider important for your healing process.  Make sure your healing plan is at the top of your list, because really – what’s more important right now?  Self-care and self-love must be front and center of everything you do.  If, in the past, you have taken care of everyone else first let your illness mark the end of that notion.  You must come first. Now I’m not saying that your work and your children aren’t important.  But if you are sick or too tired, you won’t be much help to them.  There’s a reason they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first!

3.  Plan ahead and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Now that your healing tasks are on your to-do list, feel great about that!  But don’t be surprised if you still feel overwhelmed.  Now you need to break down the tasks, plan them out and ask for help when you need it.   For instance, if you want to make a green juice every morning but there isn’t time for that, on a Sunday afternoon you and your family could clean and cut and prepare all of the produce for the week.  Put enough for a day in each of 7 separate bags.  Each morning, grab a bag, juice the contents and get yourself out the door.

4.  You can make healing fun.  I was living in a hot climate when I went through breast cancer. The thought of wearing a wig was abhorrent so I bought some beautiful scarves and learned to make beautiful dangly earrings and that was my fun look.  You could try a Thai massage.  Maybe even practice yoga in the buff.  Instead of going to the gym, stay at home and do some Bollywood dancing in your underwear.  Be creative!

5.  Make healing sacred.  When you’re doing something you aren’t crazy about doing (like sitting through a session of chemotherapy or radiation or yet another scan…) make those moments sacred.  Take a deep breath.  Burn a candle or put on a relaxing sacred CD.  As you’re going through those treatments, imagine it to be a golden light moving through your body and going directly to the source of your illness and completely eradicating it.  Not only does this take the dread out of these tasks, you also incorporate the power of guided imagery, which can boost the effects of the treatment.

6.  Be nice to yourself.  Be aware that on any given week or day, you might not have time to do something you’d intended to do.  You might be too tired to take that walk.  You might completely forget that afternoon’s vitamins.  No worries!  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  In fact, expect it to happen, because it will.  Don’t worry about it.  Just do it the next day.  I will, however, offer a word of caution.  It is really important to create boundaries around the things you consider to be the most important.  Those are the ones that will set your healing back big time if you can’t do them.  Do your best to make sure the important things happen and then don’t worry over the other ones.

I found these 6 things helped me so much and in fact I still do many of the things I considered to be the most healing.   I have to thank the website of for the inspiration of writing this article and for reminding me of the things I did that helped me so much.  I hope they help you too.  May your healing journey be amazing.

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How Crucial is Meditation When You’re Going Through Breast Cancer?


Photo courtesy of and dan

Photo courtesy of and dan

How Crucial Is Meditation When You’re Going Through Breast Cancer?

I believe meditation to be one of the very best and most important things you can do for yourself when you’re going through breast cancer.

I also feel it’s important to help reduce your risk of cancer.

It can also be one of the hardest things to learn.  It takes patience and often, classes you might not have time for.  I would strongly advise making time for meditation though – its benefits are far-reaching.  It can often mean the difference between being cool, calm and collected and being a raving maniac (and who wants that?).  It can help you to feel more in control of your thoughts, feelings and fears, it can assist you through all of the associated cancer treatments, it really is that important.

Dr Bernie Siegel’s Thoughts on Meditation

I’ve borrowed this excerpt from “Love, Medicine & Miracles” by Dr Bernie Siegel about meditation:  “I know of no other single activity that by itself can produce such a great improvement in the quality of life.”  He goes on to list the physical benefits: lowering or normalization of blood pressure, pulse rate and levels of stress hormones in the blood; less excitable brain-wave patterns; increase in pain threshold; an improvement in white blood cell response and hormone response to physical stress. 

In fact, meditation offers over 100 benefits to the meditator – just Google the words “meditation benefits” and you’ll see many articles on the subject.

Get Some Control Back

Everything that happens to a cancer patient can make you feel so out of control, like your life really isn’t yours (it seems to belong to your doctors!), and all the tests and treatment can have a very draining effect.  Meditation is one of the best things I did for myself that helped me through it all, and it has assisted many others.  I really believe it will help you too.

To get you started, I’ve created a downloadable how-to-meditate course specifically for cancer patients.  It is my honor to help you through this.

Not sure?  Check out my Testimonials page to see what others thought about my information.

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Do You Believe Overwhelming Stress and Breast Cancer are Linked?

do you believe overwhelming stress and breast cancer are linked

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Is there a link between stress and breast cancer?

While I’m not an expert, I definitely do believe that there’s a link between stress and breast cancer.

In the cancer support group which I co-led, 90% of the members agreed that unrelenting stress led up to their cancer diagnosis and that was certainly the case for me as well.  When I am contacted for breast cancer coaching, it’s always one of the first questions I ask – What do you feel led up to your diagnosis of breast cancer?  99% of my people agree that prolonged periods of stress were experienced in the lead-up to their cancer diagnosis.

There is a reason for that – stress undermines the immune system.

April is National Stress Awareness Month, so this is as good a time as any to talk about it.  The Huffington Post had a good article about this today with some good (and quick) slides demonstrating 7 Ways to De-Stress.  I loved this article because it was to the point, there were pictures (and we always seem to learn better with visual aids!) and you won’t get stressed about how long it takes to read it!

I know this is a short post, but read the Huffington Post article and start to get the stress out of your life.  I believe that’s absolutely crucial.  You might also like my recent article about meditation.  I found learning meditation to be absolutely crucial to my recovery – meditation has so many benefits (literally hundreds!), I can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you would like my help with getting through breast cancer in an inspiring and ultra-healthy way, please sign up for my free e-newsletters on the right, or “like” me on Facebook (  When you’re in a desperate situation, you need an ally.  You can depend on me to help you through this.


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