Ajijic, Mexico

Ajijic, Mexico

One Couple’s Journey With Cancer Leads Them To Mexico

One of the things that I find absolutely deplorable is the state of the American medical system. It’s fantastic if you have medical insurance and are able to receive the treatment that you need. If you cannot get insurance, either due to cost prohibition, previous illnesses or age – whatever the reason – should those without insurance happen to need medical attention in the USA, they could be in a world of hurt.

I was fortunate to be living in Australia when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, otherwise my boat would have been sunk. I got the best health care and it cost very little, other than some of my natural therapies.

Countries that have socialized medicine such as Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada have the RIGHT IDEA. True, you might have to wait awhile for non-urgent medical care but for anything dangerous like cancer, you are treated immediately. At least you don’t have to file for bankruptcy after you’ve had that treatment. This is something President Obama has been trying to rectify but somewhere along the way, it’s gone totally off the rails.

Perfect illustration of my point. I was recently contacted by a woman named Sheryl, who along with her husband Dan, lost everything they owned due to the cost of cancer treatments for both of them. They moved to Mexico and decided to stay. Their story touched me. Please read it, it has a positive and inspirational message.

Sheryl and Dan Malin’s Story

“On April 1st it will be three years since Dan and I moved to Mexico. We were living the American dream until cancer hit both of us and we lost everything due to the cost of the treatments – our house, our cars, and most of our retirement savings. The world as we knew it disappeared before our eyes.

So we downsized and moved to Mexico. We only planned on living here for two years, but it has been so comfortable and we are managing our illnesses with the simple things in life. This is what Mexico has taught us. A lot of my family and friends were afraid for us to go to Mexico. But we had a difficult choice to make. It was not our choice for both of us to have cancer and be in the situation in which we found ourselves. It was not affordable for us to live in the USA anymore.

In Mexico we can live happy and not be worried and stressed about things. Stress is one of the things that we had to overcome to heal ourselves from cancer.

Dan and I found this lovely hotel in Ajijic, which was affordable for us. We were offered a casita and have made it our home. The cost is just under $400.00 USD and includes internet, gas and electricity.

We are living on Dan’s disability check (from an injury due to an old bullet wound), as well as a small amount of proceeds from a book I published last year. Having cancer is not cheap, especially the aftercare for cancer ~ the healing process. Between the two of us, we spend over $1,000 per month on medicines and supplements because insurance does not cover them. So what we are left with is quite small, affording us not the luxury of a car but only the use of the local buses and taxis to get us down to the bottom of the hill for shopping.

Our experiences in Mexico opened up our eyes that Mexico is just as safe as the USA. Just as there are areas in the USA you would not travel in, Mexico is the same. There are gangs and drugs in the USA, just as in Mexico. You have to do research to find the areas where you will be safe. Our community in Chapala is full of ex-pats from America, Europe and Canada. We have many veterans here and they are being taken care of in Mexican clinics and facilities that specialize in their needs.”

I think it’s wonderful that Sheryl and Dan were able to start their lives anew, find some healing for themselves and get the stress out of their lives. Sheryl and Dan are now in the process of forming a foundation to help patients gain access to functional medicine.  When I have more information about that, I will update you.

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