Photo courtesy of and Photonut

Photo courtesy of and Photonut

On this very last day of the year, I want to first of all share my gratitude for the people with whom I’ve become connected via this blog.  You know who you are – women of spirit, intelligence, passion, and wit.

It’s been a wild and woolly year!  We’ve had ups and downs, we’ve cried together and laughed our asses off at some pretty ridiculous things.  And we’ve lost our tempers over the state of the health care system, “pinkwashing” and other assorted breast cancer frustrations.

So many of you have shared your breast cancer journey with me – you had no idea who I was REALLY (other than as stated on this blog) but you gathered your courage and shared so much with me and I am truly grateful.

I have done my best to help you in your quest for health.  I hoped to gently usher you in the direction you wanted to go – not wanting or intending to steer, but only to provide you with the information you needed to help you decide your own course.  I hope that I have been of some assistance in that regard.

Together we have navigated the murky waters of BC and I’ve probably learned as much from you as you have from me.  I am so grateful for your presence in my life.

My Wish For You For 2013

I hope that through your journey with breast cancer, you find your authentic self.  Breast cancer changes you, certainly, and you will not arrive at the shores of Authenticity the same woman who left.

I wish for you to find peace.  A little heaven on earth.  Some romance and love.  A soul-mate.  A reawakening of forgotten desires.  Delicious feasts with loved ones.  Bouquets of flowers.  Sticky kisses from beloved children and grandchildren.  Long days in secret gardens with bare feet and a cold stream.  Travel to exotic places.  A parting of the mists of uncertainty so that courage and your special power can be claimed and wrapped around you like a favorite shawl.

A metamorphosis into your authentic self can be a little painful at times, but oh so joyous when you arrive.

Happy New Year – may your 2013 be extraordinary!


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