flower, redWhile writing my blog articles, I do a lot of Internet surfing and I see a lot of different sites.  My favorite blog lately is http://thesilverpen.com so I thought I’d share it with you today, especially since my latest blogs have been pretty heavy going.

Written by Hollye Jacobs, a fellow breast cancer survivor, Hollye describes her blog as being “a way for me to document the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and oftentimes hilarious journey through, with, over and around breast cancer. One year later I’m still in recovery but now on a journey to find Silver Linings in all aspects of life.”

I love that – Silver Linings.  A wonderful way to look at life.

Every time I head over to Hollye’s site, I’m in awe.  It has an elegant feel to it – you might read an inspirational thought from Seneca, or a discussion of a book that she liked, or there could be something about gardening or stillness.

Today’s post is about Oscar de la Renta’s gardens in the Dominican Republic and there are some gorgeous photographs – the kind you can lose yourself in.

Head over there and take a look (you can use the link at the top of this page).  Thank you, Hollye.  Love your work and your words of wisdom.  I even love the occasional “f bomb”.

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