Photo courtesy of and Danilo Rizzuti

Photo courtesy of and Danilo Rizzuti

Anyone who enjoys taking natural health supplements and the freedom to choose what they take should check out this must-watch video “War on Health”.

It’s a long one – 57 minutes – but I think it’s absolutely crucial that everyone know that our government regulatory agencies are NOT looking out for our best interests (“callous disregard” was one of the terms that was used in the video).

Of particular interest to me was the information about vaccines – it’s about 22 minutes into the video – be sure to check that out, but please pay close attention to all that is being presented here.  Our lives may depend on it.

The video is on the Life Extension website – CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

So what can we do about this?  Well, for one thing, don’t be a sheep and blindly follow.  Arm yourself with information.  Sign petitions.  Demand the right to use the natural products that are helping you.  Ask questions.  Push back.  Be skeptical.  GET MAD!  Most importantly, ask your representative to present legislation that will dismantle these agencies and recreate regulatory agencies that actually serve us.  And please go to and become a health freedom activist (it’s free).

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