If you are one of those who doesn’t think yoga can change your life, you have to see this YouTube video.

The Story of Arthur

I happened to see a few minutes of “The Revolution” at lunchtime today while I was turning on my DVR to check out the latest “True Blood” episode (well, I can’t help it, I love that show!) and I saw this amazing, inspiring guy by the name of Arthur Boorman.

Arthur was a Gulf War veteran who had been disabled – he was a paratrooper and all those repeated hard landings had been extremely vicious to his back and knees.  He struggled with pain, obesity, leg braces and doctors who told him he’d never walk unassisted again.

A chance mention of yoga by his wife led Arthur to do some research on-line and he found Diamond Dallas Page and DDP Yoga and Arthur decided to take his healing into his own hands.

Arthur totally transformed his life – truly inspiring story.  Watch the video and stay with it to the end – the before and after pictures are so amazing, I can’t even believe it’s the same guy!

Arthur’s Secret

Arthur says there was only one secret for him – consistency and discipline.  He worked hard at it every day.  You can do the same thing with YOUR life.

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