Ian Gawler Cites Surprising British Medical Journal Research About Breast Screening

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Ian Gawler, one of my thought leaders, is a cancer survivor, author of many books on mind-body medicine (my favorite is “You Can Conquer Cancer“) and formed the Gawler Foundation in 1983.

Today on Ian Gawler’s blog, he cites some surprising research just released by the British Medical Journal that says, in effect, that we are being over-medicalized.   Now, that news is really NOT so surprising when you think about it – what’s surprising is that the eminent BMJ is admitting it.

Ian’s blog stated today “Research claims over half [of] breast cancers would amount to nothing if left untreated, and raises questions about breast screening.  Writing in the prestigious British Medical Journal, academics from Australia and Canada claim up to 54% of breast cancers detected in women in their 50’s by breast cancer screening would never have manifested clinically.”

Now isn’t THAT interesting?

Dr Gawler stated: “The article goes on to identify the phenomenon of over-medicalisation, saying healthy people are increasingly harmed by a barrage of unnecessary tests, procedures and drugs. The tendency to over-screen, over-diagnose and over-treat has become rampant in modern medicine, and poses a ‘significant threat to human health’.”

Arrive At Your Own Truth

As interesting as all of that is – and I will let you draw your own conclusions about it – my absolute favorite part of Dr Gawler’s blog puts into words exactly what I’ve been trying to impart to my readers about arriving at your own truth.  He says “Please do not believe what I say, just because I said it!”

That’s exactly the point I’m trying to make here – my focus is to provide you with information which will empower you to make your own decisions.  Don’t blindly follow any course of action just because someone says you must!  This is your journey, you have every right to choose the therapies that make sense for YOU.

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