Photo courtesy of stock.xchng and duchessa

Photo courtesy of stock.xchng and duchessa

Today’s favorite inspirational quote comes from Dr Bernie Siegel in “Love, Medicine & Miracles” and the subject is the importance of peace of mind.

“Getting well isn’t the main objective.  That can set you up for failure.  If you set a physical goal, then you may fail, but if you make peace of mind your goal, you can achieve it.  My message is peace of mind, not curing cancer, blindness, or paraplegia.  In achieving peace of mind, cancer may be healed, sight may be restored, and paralysis may disappear.  All of these things may occur through peace of mind, which creates a healing environment in the body.”

When you consider the research being done about the body-mind connection, how stress often plays a huge role in the development of disease, and how often we are stressed these days, Dr Siegel’s comment makes a lot of sense.

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