cosmosIf you are feeling that everything is unsettled right now – from your relationships to your health to your financial affairs – it’s not your imagination and you’re not alone.

Even the calmest of my healer friends is saying things are intense right now.  I’ve gathered information from astrologists, one who works with angels, another who blogs about the metaphysical and all are in agreement – we’re having a shake-up.

I don’t confess to understand it – words like “the Moon in early Cancer completes a cardinal grand cross with Mars, Pluto and Uranus” mean absolutely nothing to me!

And I confess to being somewhat skeptical.  It all sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo to me.  Still…

What is undeniable is that we ARE going through a major shift of some sort.  My husband and I don’t argue much – after 36 years of marriage, we are pretty much in accord and know each other’s minds inside and out.  But there have been some major arguments lately – loud, rip roaring arguments!  Afterward I ask myself “where on earth did that come from???” – perhaps I should be asking “where in the cosmos did that come from?”.

We’re not the only ones, either.  Friends, family, my blog subscribers – everyone seems to be noticing the “unsettledness” of their lives right now. Also feelings of being tired, even lethargic, of having lost focus, and feeling frustration are not unusual.

Today’s blog at – the top astrology blog according to “Blogrank”, has this to say: “You might feel varying degrees of anticipation/pressure/frustration, something associated with the Cancer Moon picking up so many planets so different from itself; you might experience a sense of relief, vulnerability and a sense of newness — even confidence — as the week progresses.”

That’s good to know – there’s hope in sight… ?

Coping With Unsettled Times

With thoughts of my friends who are going through breast cancer right now AND dealing with these unsettled times, here are some suggestions for coping:

  1. Be aware of your feelings – if you’re feeling overwhelmed, meditation often helps.  Take some time out for yourself.
  2. Try not to dwell on negative feelings – positive affirmations help immensely.
  3. Maintain a normal routine – there is a feeling of security in routine that helps you when you are dealing with unsettled times.
  4. Get out of your head – seeing a movie, listening to music, or reading a favorite book can help make you feel less gloomy.
  5. Take care of yourself – go get a massage, or indulge in some aromatherapy – both are very calming and centering to the nervous system.
  6. Do something positive to help others – contributing to the community helps us feel more in control and gets us focused on something else.
  7. Limit your television time – while it is important to stay informed, watching endless war coverage is likely to heighten your anxiety.

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