Never Know What to Cook to Help Yourself Heal from Breast Cancer?


When I was going through breast cancer, I worried about getting the best nutrition to help me heal. I instinctively knew there were some things I needed to cut out of my diet, like sugar, and that was a hard thing for me! And I know you’re the same.


It was a pretty steep learning curve — and I would like to save you that hassle.

So I’ve put 50 of my absolute favorite recipes into this cookbook so that you don’t have to waste all your precious healing time looking for what’s best to eat.

I’ve been studying breast cancer nutrition for many years, ever since my own mother was diagnosed in the 90’s. I learned which foods would give us a huge edge over breast cancer, which ones make the BIGGEST difference to help us survive and they are included in these recipes. The benefit to you is:

No more endless searching for the best foods to help you heal from breast cancer

* Recipes that taste great and make you feel good all over

* Digital cookbook is automatically delivered to you in the privacy of your own home

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If you’re wondering which foods can help you heal

from breast cancer, you’ve come to the right place!

If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I care about you.

You know that I do my homework. I look into things deeply. I find out whether things are good for us or bad for us when we’re on a journey to heal from breast cancer.

You know that you can depend on me to provide you with high quality information.

This cookbook was written with YOU in mind.



Included are 50 of my absolute favorite healing recipes including appetizers, drinks, soups, sandwiches, main meals and desserts — and they taste yummy, too.

All for the super low price of $18.95 USD (a $35.00 value!) That’s half price — if you act TODAY. 

For instant access, click the button below, make your payment and I will send you the cookbook pronto!


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