Chinese Alternative Medicine Link Between Breast Cancer and Lymphoma

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Today I’m welcoming back my good friend, MaryAnne Bachia, Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist, as my guest writer.  MaryAnne wanted to share some information on the link between breast cancer and lymphoma, as viewed from a Chinese Alternative Medicine approach.

The Breast Cancer and Lymphoma Link

Have you had a breast cancer diagnosis only to find you are also diagnosed with lymphoma?

In this situation, your health issue has progressed from being a local one, the breast, to the systemic level of the lymphatic system.

There is a way of looking at this — it isn’t so much about the disease but it is about toxicity and the toxins are spreading fast. In Chinese medicine, when a health issue spreads quickly, it is a sign of toxins and is termed fire toxins. They move fast, like fire.

What your Chinese medicine practitioner will need to do is rid the body of the fire toxins and them rebuild the body so it no longer creates these toxins.

Fire toxins develop from a prolonged period of imbalance, when the body doesn’t have the energy to move toxins out and so it creates false energy or toxicity to move pathogens out of the body. This adds to the toxic accumulation and, eventually, creates more disease.

Basically, the body is working much harder than it ever should – the toxic accumulation is now in the blood.  The blood needs to be cleansed of these toxins and the body needs to be strengthened enough to move toxins out.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help with this. They can also help with the side effects and weakness that arises with chemotherapy.

In this day and age, most of us are caught up in the business of life, technology and many things unnatural. We have created a lifestyle that is so far from a  natural, healthy rhythm that we have also created spas, yoga classes and meditation classes in order to learn, again, how to relax in a healthy and balanced way.

We should use these tools to help us prevent illness and enhance our health.

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Thanks, MaryAnne, for providing us with some insight on the link between breast cancer and lymphoma.

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