Here are the 5 videos you requested that will teach your more about detoxing your body from the bad effects of chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Chemo Cleanse System is a unique program that Judy Seeger, ND and Marnie Clark, Breast Cancer Coach (more about us below) have designed together to help people safely and effectively detox from cancer treatments.

We hope that you enjoy the information and that it takes you to a place of thriving good health!

Without further ado, here are your videos.

Your Teachers

Judy Seeger (better known as the Detox Queen) has over 30 years of experience in helping cancer patients to detoxify from cancer treatments. She knows what it takes to get your system dumping toxins in such a way that you don’t get sick while you’re doing it!

Marnie Clark has 20+ years of experience as a natural therapist, overcame breast cancer herself in 2004, and has been a breast cancer coach since 2012. Marnie’s passion is to teach as many as she can how to use diet, exercise, intermittent fasting, herbal medicine, essential oils, and other lifestyle “tweaks” to make sure cancer never returns.

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