Review: “Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk With Foods You Love” by Robert Pendergrast, MD

One of my lovely subscribers sent me a book last week (thank you Jeri!) which she said I had to read.  I love that!  I learn so much from my subscribers, it’s truly a wonderful two-way flow of communication.

The book was “Breast Cancer: Reduce Your Risk With Foods You Love” written by Dr Robert Pendergrast, whose pediatric background didn’t stop him from having a passion for giving people hope that you CAN indeed prevent breast cancer, not only through the foods you eat, but offering many other prevention tips as well.   

I was anxious to learn whether Dr Pendergrast had uncovered anything I wasn’t already teaching via my blog articles, e-book and newsletters, but it looks like we are in complete agreement.  Although I didn’t uncover anything new in his book, I loved the passion with which he wrote it, it contains plenty of great information about diet (including soy, cruciferous vegetables, fish, flaxseed oil, healthy spices, medicinal mushrooms, berries, dark green leafy vegetables and all sorts of tea), he discusses the foods to avoid, environmental toxins, diet during treatments, and all sorts of other good things.  I loved that he also included information about mind-body medicine, spirituality, and stressed the importance of looking after both body and mind, which is my focus and passion too.

Tending Our Gardens

My favorite part of the book is towards the end.  Dr Pendergrast had a beautiful way of describing human health as a vegetable garden: “You’d like your garden to produce several different kinds of food (e.g. heart health. digestive health, mental health and feminine health), and you’d like to avoid the place being grown over by weeds (e.g. cancers) which choke out the other healthy plants.”  He says we need to start with healthy soil (e.g. nutrients for the plants), the right amount of water, avoiding chemicals, getting plenty of sunlight plus some shade to avoid overheating, having lots of plant variety (since disease is more likely to overtake a garden where only one crop is planted), planting the seeds in the garden at the right time, and trusting the wisdom of the earth to bring them up at the right time, then tending to the garden (pulling weeds, squashing pests, getting some exercise in that garden by virtue of hard work), then when the plants are ready for harvest, you get them into the kitchen and get “cookin with gratitude”!  Nice metaphors, and I will leave you to your own devices as to how to interpret them for yourself.

It’s a nice book, well written, and full of great information and I have it in my Amazon shop for your convenience.  I’ve also included it on my Recommended Reading page.

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