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Becoming Adept At Your Healing and Health

When you are first diagnosed with a disease, no matter what it is, in the initial stages you are generally in the “overwhelm stage”.  You have lots of information coming at you from doctors, friends, family and everyone wanting to help.  You are right into your healing and health.

As time moves on, however, sometimes it is easy to be lured into different directions and you might forget or be too busy to do the things that you need to do to keep healing and health moving in the right direction.  I call this the “confusion stage”.

Don’t worry about this, it happens a lot.  When you notice that you’ve strayed off your path of healing and health you will need to marshal your efforts a little harder.  You might need a little help.

Do not allow those excuses that seemed so real prevent you from taking the action you had intended.  Accept that there will be hurdles to overcome.

Perseverance is key, especially if you’re using meditation as one of the cornerstones of your healing.  It is really easy to get too busy and think it’s not important, but I’m here to remind you that meditation is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS in your healing tool kit.  If you need help learning how, I’ve created a downloadable how-to-meditate course specifically for cancer patients.

It is so important to keep your healing plans moving in the direction you wish and, to help you, here are 12 recommendations:

  1. Stay away from negative people and pessimists – they will drain your energy and bring you down.  Seek out the company of optimistic, bright people who make you feel good.
  2. Make a certain amount of time every day for healing with meditation, adding in visualization when you feel ready.
  3. Read inspirational books (see my page Recommended Reading if you need help with titles).
  4. Get some bodywork – massage, Reiki, acupuncture, Healing Touch – whatever you choose, it will assist your health goals.
  5. Get some exercise into your day – choose something suited to your ability and energy levels.
  6. Practice pranayama (special yoga breathing).
  7. Have a creative outlet – it is great to lose yourself in a creative project and very healing in and of itself.
  8. Help others – the more you give, the more you receive.
  9. Laugh often – laughter really is the best medicine.
  10. Eat well.
  11. Verbalize – keep a diary and/or journal, write letters, send emails, develop your communication skills.
  12. Seek out nature – the healing power of nature cannot be emphasized enough.  If you are a city dweller, you will feel the tension slide away when you walk through a forest.

Now obviously I don’t mean for you to do all of these things every single day – no one could do that.  I found it useful to print out this list and stick it in a prominent place to remind myself that I was on a healing path and that doing these kinds of things for myself was important.  I would pick and choose something from the list each day (except meditation – that should be done daily).  Most of all, enjoy the journey.

Inspirational reference:

You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler

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