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Stage 4 Breast Cancer CAN Be Healed Naturally

Hey there, I wanted to share this wonderful interview between someone I greatly admire – Chris Wark, from chrisbeatcancer.com, and Carla Camarillo, a woman diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. This interview is so inspiring and I wanted to make sure that all of my thrivers get to watch it so that everyone knows that stage 4 breast cancer can be healed naturally.

Here’s the video, it will take a little less than 20 minutes for you to view it:

Carla’s Story

Carla was diagnosed with a large breast tumor, about 6 cm. She was originally told she had stage 2 breast cancer, but after various scans and diagnostics, her doctor told her that the cancer had already spread to her lungs and other places in her body, putting her at stage 4. She was recommended to begin chemotherapy immediately to shrink the tumor before they would even consider removing it. She thought about that, but decided there must be a better way.

Carla shares with us that one of the first things she did was to change her diet, to get rid of any potentially toxic food and personal care products, she was “big” on juicing (and so are Chris and I!), she also employed the Budwig diet, took some very specific supplements, and had intravenous vitamin C treatments twice per week.

In only 3 months, Carla’s 6 cm tumor had regressed by one third. In 6 months, the 6 cm tumor had regressed by one half and all other tumors had completely disappeared. Carla had a PET scan after 7-8 months on natural therapies and that showed no evidence of cancer in her body other than a 2 cm lesion (dead tumor) in her breast.

Isn’t that remarkable? I have clients with similar stories. Natural therapies WORK, my lovelies.

If you have stage 4 breast cancer, please take some time to watch this video. Know in your heart of hearts that you can heal yourself but you need to be proactive. You must do some very specific things to help your body heal. If you’d like help, I have breast cancer coaching services available to you. Chris Wark’s website is chrisbeatcancer.com and Carla’s website is cancerwarriorclub.com. Find the one who resonates with you personally. All of us are committed to helping cancer patients thrive.

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