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Healing The Body With The Mind – and Essential Oils

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Healing the Body With The Mind – and Essential Oils

One of the things I learned long ago was not to discount how much we can achieve simply by setting our minds upon achievement of a particular goal.

Healing can be achieved in the same way – by focusing our mind, attention and intention upon the area of your body where you wish healing to take place.  There are a myriad of books and authors, such as Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Andrew Weil, Bernie Siegel, and Wayne Dyer, which discuss the subject of healing the body with the mind, and I would encourage you to check them out.

My sole intent with this article is to open your mind to the possibility of using not only your mind, but also essential oils for healing.  Why?  Read on.

Our Powerful Minds

Way back in the 1950’s a scientist by the name of Franklin Loehr explored the effect of prayer and human thought on water and on plants.  Loehr discovered that human thought was able to alter the bonding angles between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, thus changing the physical properties of the water.  (See The Power of Prayer on Plants by Franklin Loehr).

What quantum physics is teaching us is that human thought and human intent affect the behavior of electrons.  Since every chemical and neural process in the human body involves the activity of electrons, we see that our bodily functions are not simply matters of traditional chemistry and classical physics – they are mental, emotional, and spiritual as well.  The mind-body connection everyone is talking about happens through our electrons.

Essential Oils Amplify Healing

One of my favorite healing modalities is the use of essential oils.  I’ve been using them for years on myself (see my page Essential Oils For Overall Health and Specific Health Problems), my family and my clients, with great success.  How they work like they do is often a mystery to me, but I know they have chemical constituents, provided to us by Mother Nature, which (in part) explain how and why they work so well and are, in fact, potent little healers.

Here’s something you might not know though — essential oils have electrical properties which are subject to our thoughts and feelings.  Mind blowing?

It is known that the same essential oil will have different effects on different people, and the usual explanation is that different people have different chemistries.  But is it truly just about chemistry?

Desire, Feeling and Intent Matter Too

It is taught in every aromatherapy class that the chemical composition of an oil determines its role in healing.  But quantum physics is teaching us that essential oils are also subject to desire, feeling and intent.

In short, the potential actions of an oil are thought to be defined and limited by its chemistry, but the real determining factor as to which potential action will manifest is definitely also affected by the attitudes of the anointer and receiver.

Our thoughts won’t change the chemistry of an oil, but our thoughts can determine which aspects of the chemistry of that particular oil will work in our bodies.

How To Amplify Healing When Using Essential Oils 

  • Essential oils amplify intent – the intent of the person applying the oils, and the intent of the person receiving the oils.  Healing practitioners who anoint with oils know from experience that essential oils work better with prayer, faith and belief.  What this means is that the receiver of an essential oil can participate in their own healing.  The oils are not healers, they are the vehicles that must be facilitated by our supportive thoughts for them to work optimally!  They will work reasonably well without the conscious participation of the receiver because of the intent given to them when grown, distilled, packaged and distributed – but they work so much better when the receiver actively participates in their own healing.
  • When an oil is applied to any part of the body you can mentally direct it to go wherever it is needed and affirm the outcome you desire.  Your affirmation should be more than a one-time thought, it must come from your deepest convictions, emotions, and faith, and be repeated and consciously retained until the desired results are manifested.
  • A single oil then is full of possibilities – almost unlimited – for example, an oil could be known to be supportive of liver function, but not known for nerve regeneration.  Even so, that oil could be used for nerve regeneration if directed to do so.  Knowing this, if you don’t think you have the right oil for a specific application, using your intuition, choose an oil that you do have, and with intense concentration and feeling, direct the oil to do whatever you wish it to do.  Essential oils are imbued with an intelligence non-existent in pharmaceutical drugs.

Essential oils are vehicles of living energy and work on all human levels: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.  I even believe that essential oils work on the financial level as well (if you don’t believe me, start wearing the blend of “Abundance”, which has a beautiful, exotic aroma, and direct the oil to help you create whatever it is you are looking for in your life – then watch what happens!).

I hope you found this brief discussion interesting.  To read more on the scientific basis of essential oils, see The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by Dr David Stewart, a fascinating read.  Another good book to read is Aromatherapy For Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay.

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Member No 267494

Becoming Adept At Your Healing and Health

Photo courtesy of kconnors / MorgueFile.com
Photo courtesy of kconnors / MorgueFile.com

Becoming Adept At Your Healing and Health

When you are first diagnosed with a disease, no matter what it is, in the initial stages you are generally in the “overwhelm stage”.  You have lots of information coming at you from doctors, friends, family and everyone wanting to help.  You are right into your healing and health.

As time moves on, however, sometimes it is easy to be lured into different directions and you might forget or be too busy to do the things that you need to do to keep healing and health moving in the right direction.  I call this the “confusion stage”.

Don’t worry about this, it happens a lot.  When you notice that you’ve strayed off your path of healing and health you will need to marshal your efforts a little harder.  You might need a little help.

Do not allow those excuses that seemed so real prevent you from taking the action you had intended.  Accept that there will be hurdles to overcome.

Perseverance is key, especially if you’re using meditation as one of the cornerstones of your healing.  It is really easy to get too busy and think it’s not important, but I’m here to remind you that meditation is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS in your healing tool kit.  If you need help learning how, I’ve created a downloadable how-to-meditate course specifically for cancer patients.

It is so important to keep your healing plans moving in the direction you wish and, to help you, here are 12 recommendations:

  1. Stay away from negative people and pessimists – they will drain your energy and bring you down.  Seek out the company of optimistic, bright people who make you feel good.
  2. Make a certain amount of time every day for healing with meditation, adding in visualization when you feel ready.
  3. Read inspirational books (see my page Recommended Reading if you need help with titles).
  4. Get some bodywork – massage, Reiki, acupuncture, Healing Touch – whatever you choose, it will assist your health goals.
  5. Get some exercise into your day – choose something suited to your ability and energy levels.
  6. Practice pranayama (special yoga breathing).
  7. Have a creative outlet – it is great to lose yourself in a creative project and very healing in and of itself.
  8. Help others – the more you give, the more you receive.
  9. Laugh often – laughter really is the best medicine.
  10. Eat well.
  11. Verbalize – keep a diary and/or journal, write letters, send emails, develop your communication skills.
  12. Seek out nature – the healing power of nature cannot be emphasized enough.  If you are a city dweller, you will feel the tension slide away when you walk through a forest.

Now obviously I don’t mean for you to do all of these things every single day – no one could do that.  I found it useful to print out this list and stick it in a prominent place to remind myself that I was on a healing path and that doing these kinds of things for myself was important.  I would pick and choose something from the list each day (except meditation – that should be done daily).  Most of all, enjoy the journey.

Inspirational reference:

You Can Conquer Cancer by Ian Gawler

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