Great Video Shows Benefits of Juicers for Fighting Cancer

Great Video Shows Benefits of Juicers for Cancer Patients
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Great Video Shows Benefits of Juicers for Fighting Cancer

A new video by Kris Carr shows the benefits of juicers for fighting cancer.  Kris is someone I really admire and appreciate.  She is a cancer thriver, acclaimed author, and has her own website “Crazy Sexy Life”.

Kris teaches us a fantastic juicing recipe in this video, Kris Carr’s Go-To Green Juice Recipe and she explains why she juices more vegetables than fruit (an important point to note).

Juicing is something so easy to do for yourself, yet has so many wonderful health benefits (particularly if you have cancer), I highly recommend it.  When I got home and began juicing for my mother, who was confined to her bed with Stage IV breast cancer, she got out of bed and started baking it gave her so much energy.  We know that it prolonged her life for several more months.

What Kind Of Juicer Is Best?

I get asked that all the time.  My research indicates that the masticating juicer is the best one to use.  If you are in the USA, this is my absolute favorite juicer, you can buy it from this link and they have it for the best price.

If you are in Australia, this is the best juicer to buy (click on the banner below):

Vitality 4 Life Australia

And thank you – your purchases help to fund this blog and keep this information out there for the benefit of those who need it.

Fantastic video, thanks to Kris Carr, and thanks to You Tube.

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