Favorite Inspirational Quote #1

Cambodia (47)I’ve decided to start a new category, Favorite Inspirational Quotes.  They are not presented in any particular order or importance.  Just what resonates with me on this particular day, and I hope it will help you in some way too as you go through your journey with breast cancer.

From author Melody Beattie, in “The Language of Letting Go”:

“Often when we begin taking care of ourselves, family members will reverberate with overt and covert attempts to pull us back into the old system and roles.  We do not have to go.  Their attempts to pull us back are their issues.  Taking care of ourselves and becoming healthy and happy does not mean we do not love them.  It means we’re addressing our issues.  Our freedom starts when we politely, but assertively, hand their stuff back to them – where it belongs – and deal with our own issues.”

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