Chemo Resistant Breast Cancers in the News


Chemo Resistant Breast Cancers in the News
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Chemo Resistant Breast Cancers In The News

One big problem of chemotherapy for breast cancer is that some people have chemo resistant tumors.

This is a major problem for some types of breast cancer and many patients undergo treatment that does not work, thus delaying other more suitable treatments and subjecting the patient to adverse side effects in the process.

New UK Research

Researchers at the University of Hull in the UK have discovered a family of proteins, called biomarkers (which are molecules that allow for the detection and isolation of a particular cell type), that are twice as prevalent in clinical samples obtained from breast cancer patients who were resistant to chemotherapy than those who were successfully treated.

Lead researcher at the University of Hull, Dr Lynn Cawkwell, says: “A major goal in cancer research is to be able to predict the response of a patient to chemotherapy. Unfortunately, a reliable test has not yet been developed to achieve this. We hope our work can help to bring us a step closer.” (Medical News Today, 4.14.12).

Dr Cawkwell is hopeful that by testing for certain proteins, doctors will be able to tell in advance a patient’s response to different chemotherapy agents, and be able to decide which course of treatment is most helpful for them.  Dr Cawkwell’s team is continuing with this study, as well as investigating radiotherapy resistance in a number of different cancers.

We all wish them well in their research.

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