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Preparing for Breast Surgery? Check Out These Post Surgical Garments!
The Poucharoo

If you are preparing for breast surgery, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the great post surgical garments that are available now.

The Poucharoo The Poucharoo is a post-mastectomy and breast reconstruction drain holder that safely, securely and comfortably holds up to 4 drains. Looks nice and comfy – here’s a link to their website where it can be ordered. Having been in Australia when I was going through breast cancer, I wish I had had one of these then!



cool chemo top
Cool Chemo Top

The Cool Chemo Top The Cool Chemo Top ™ has built-in, discreetly placed pockets to hold drains so that you could go out into the world and not have to worry about your “attachments”. It comes in 5 colors and you can access their website by clicking here.





What I particularly liked about this last one is the fact that it looks so comfortable, it closes in front, it could be used after surgery and would help hold drains, allowing for easier drain access and emptying (which is fantastic because that can be a pain). It can also be used during radiation. It comes in a large range of sizes, it’s approved by Medicare and they ship free. Check out their website here.

CF Medical LLC


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